How To Fix Your Screen’s Stuck Pixels


Have you ever had a spot on your computer screen that only appeared when the screen was on, and wouldn’t go away? Chances are, your screen has a stuck pixel. Not to worry, however, as this is something of a normal occurrence, and is also 100% fixable. No more throwing your monitor in the trash, or selling your computer for super cheap on Craigslist (hurray!) Step 1: Turn On The Screen If the problem pixel is on your desktop’s monitor or your laptop, turn the screen on. Step 2: Display The Pixel  Navigate to a 100% black image. It can’t… read more

Power Your Bike Computer with Your iPhone

Power Your Bike Computer with Your iPhone

For the serious cyclist, a new bike computer, powered by the iPhone, could be the gadget you’re looking for to take your training to the next level. The Wahoo RFLKT+, based on the company’s original RFLKT device, uses the iPhone’s computing power and GPS to provide the muscle, and the device’s ability to receive data from ANT+ cycling accessories, to become what the company calls “the most powerful bike computer on the market”. The RFLKT+ connects wirelessly to an iPhone (which can stay tucked in your jersey) and converts the data coming from any ANT+ accessories (such as a power… read more

Eagle Cam Shares Bird’s Eye View over Chamonix

Eagle Cam Shares Bird's Eye View over Chamonix (video)

What’s it like to fly like an eagle over one of the most beautiful places on Earth? That might seem like a silly question, because we’ll probably never fly like an eagle, but now you can find out what the view looks like from up there, thanks to YouTuber Srachi, who uploaded this video of the Mer De Glace area of Chamonix,  taken with a GoPro camera mounted onto the back of one.

A Window That Filters Heat And Light


Sometimes, researchers create products we didn’t even know we wanted, and when that moment happens, we think to ourselves, “how have we been living without it?”. This is one of those products. Lab techs at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed a smart window that filters both heat and light into the home, creating a perfect balance of temperature and sun exposure during the warm seasons (summer, I’m looking at you). Homeowners can choose to filter out heat, filter out light, or filter out both (don’t you just love having options?). Take your hand off the thermostat, because your window’s… read more

SpeakaBoo Eco Friendly Bamboo iPhone Speaker


The new iPhones are coming to stores later this month, which means new accessories and other cosmetic upgrades. While this speaker isn’t made specifically for the iPhone 5s and 5c, it’s still very much compatible with both. It’s also made from 100% eco-friendly bamboo. The SpeakaBoo bamboo speaker is an amplifier for your phone’s internal speaker, so it doesn’t require an outlet, battery, etc. The speakers come in varying sizes, colours, and styles. Check out the short demo video for more, and visit the store link to purchase your own eco-friendly bamboo speaker.

App Saves 27% on Home Heating Costs


We may think that the smart home of the future will eventually spring into existence, fully finished and integrated and built from the ground up to be wired and optimized, but the reality is that it will probably happen bit by bit, as the technology and hardware get cheaper and easier to install. And in that case, the smart home is getting closer and closer every day, with more new interconnected gadgets and appliances hitting the market, and more home automation solutions, such as this one, which is billed as an “intelligent heating app”. tado° is not just an app,… read more

The SmartWatch Revolution Is Upon Us


Not so long ago, the digital watch was the cool, hip new timepiece on the market. Then came the 1st generation of “smart watches”, though we cringe at calling them even that. Those early pioneers were little more than laggy, expensive electronic statements of wealth, and we’re perfectly OK with them staying right were they are in the tech junkyard. Last year, Pebble successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a new generation of smartwatches. Their $150 model syncs via bluetooth with smartphones and displays emails, texts, phone calls, and more. Last week, Samsung finally announced their “Galaxy Gear” smartwatch,… read more

Its Electric, Now It’s Not With Rubbee For Bikes

Its Electric, Now It’s Not With Rubbee For Bikes

Bicyclists beware. There’s a cool conversion just around the corner you may want to keep your eyes on. The Rubbee Drive is a rechargeable system that easily converts standard bicycles to electric ones, then back to basic wheelers. An alternative to e-bikes, the Rubbee’s friction drive component can be attached onto the seat of most conventional bikes and electrical currents give the rider a push with an energy transfer rate of 96%. Designed to be uncomplicated, after an initial installation the transformation can happen in well under a minute. The equipment can be effortlessly mounted or taken off and powered up or… read more

Put a Solar Charger on Your Keyring


For the ultimate in portable solar charging, the ClicLite is small enough to fit on your keychain, offers a boost to your mobile phone battery and features an ultra-bright LED bulb to shine a light on the task at hand. The system is made up of two components, a small solar cell (a “Clicc”) and the ClicLite module itself, which has an internal battery and charging components, plus the LED light. (Video is in German, but is a good introduction to the Clicc) The ClicLite is small (4×4 cm), and the attached solar cell takes up to 10 hours to… read more

DIY Touchscreen Table For Under $200


Do you have a dusty collection of old/unused computer parts you’re thinking of getting rid of? How about turning them into something totally epic instead? This DIY project rates an 8/10 on our difficulty scale (and the mediocre quality of the build video doesn’t help), but the project is completely doable (aka I’ve got my own table back home from watching this video). If you need more help, you can always visit the forums. Anyways, check this video out. If it’ll keep more chunks of computer parts out of the landfill, and provide you with an awesome new computer interface,… read more