Apps To Go Green

Green apps

Applications or Apps have completely invaded our digital world, flooding people with information. Their ability to put so much power and choice in the hands of ordinary consumers has entirely changed human interaction with the world. Therefore as many of these apps can help you to live your life in a more environmentally sustainable way it makes sense to download a few of the following suggested apps to your smartphone. Some of the applications mentioned are free, while others cost between 0.99$ to 6$. Green Meter This iPhone/iPad app simply computes your vehicle’s power and fuel usage characteristics and helps your… read more

Power from the Subway

Power from the subway

Many of us who use public transportation such as trains at some point or other have experienced the sudden gush of air when a train enters the tunnel. But Singularity Studio feels creative about this unused air pressure inside the tunnel and they have come up with a new tile prototype which turns this pressure into useful renewable energy. This prototype is named Transducer Tile and does an amazing job converting the pressure into power by a simple mechanism. The modest design is made up from readily available elements. A transducer tile consists of a micro wind turbine. The blade is rotated by the… read more

Why Modern Lighting Is Bad For A Good Night’s Sleep

Why Modern Lighting Is Bad For A Good Night’s Sleep

When people decorate a room, things like furniture, textures and paint color tend to stand out. However another element that is significant, but possibly overlooked, is the lighting. Proper lighting is a necessity for functionality, but it also has another important use. A recent article in Psychology Today gives a great overview of depression, sleep habits, and how an unexpected culprit, contemporary artificial lighting, comes into play. As humans, we are pre-dispositioned to be active during the day and at rest during hours where there is a lack of natural light. Though our internal rhythmic clock has not completely abandoned… read more

How Much Do Your Appliances Cost You?

Energy Star

Many of us don’t realize that the cost of the appliances we buy doesn’t end after purchase. The power consumed by these appliances will be reflected directly on our electricity bills every month. So next time you buy an electrical appliance you need to consider its energy efficiency. Energy Star, a joint program of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S Department of Energy, helps people around the globe to consider the environment and save money by ensuring they only purchase energy efficient products. According to Energy Star, an average home spends over US$2000 on energy usage per year… read more

Mogees Lets You Be The Musical Artist

Mogees Lets You Be The Musical Artist

If you love music but don’t play an instrument, Mogees have it covered. Bruno Zamborlin, a researcher in musical technology, has developed a device that lets people be musical within their own perimeters. A Kickstarter project soon to come to life, the Mogees system is powered up when plugged into a smartphone’s headphone jack and can be used with iOS or Android apps. The unit, which sort of resembles a bottlecap design, can be placed on any surface. Users open up the app, and the internal sensor picks up on the vibrations that are made when responding to any ordinary… read more

Home Heating by a Robot

Warm Up Robot

Heating our homes in winter consumes vast amounts of energy and costs households a great deal. But imagine if there were a robot that could store heat and then moved around the house to warm cold areas? Drum roll please for…..Hagent, the mobile heater robot. This small robot shaped like a black box is amde up of movable wheels, sensors and Phase change materials (PCM). PCM  absorb heat from a hot body and change their phase (from solid to liquid or vice versa) and then release the heat by again changing their phase. Designed by Andreas Meinhardt and Daniel Abendrith… read more

Designers Create New Inventions For Braille Users

Designers Create New Inventions For Braille Users

Braille is a printed communication system used by blind and visually impaired individuals. Shubham Banerjee has created a Braille printer that has gained worldwide attention for its ingenuity and real world application. Impressively, the printer is made from repurposed Lego pieces. Titled Braigo, the system is made from the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit, which costs about $350. Banerjee stated that the retail price for a standard Braille printer can be upwards of $2,000. With such a decreased price, Banerjee’s invention could enable more Braille users to be able to print materials. What is even more impressive than his resourceful device is the fact… read more

Beatrix*JAR Mixes Music, Recycling and Good Vibes

Beatrix*JAR Mixes Music, Recycling and Good Vibes

Capturing and creating sounds, Beatrix*JAR is a band comprised of 2 interesting musical artists. Bianca Pettis, also known as Beatrix, and Jacob Aaron Roske, or JAR, have combined music and recycling to come up with an inventive collection of sounds turned into songs. The sound performance artists collect and customize recycled children’s toys and musical instruments and turn them into circuit bent mechanisms that produce unique sounds. Circuit bending is the process of altering the circuit board system of a battery operated instrument or keyboard, causing it to emit various experimental sounds. In addition to live concerts, they offer workshops… read more

Five Technologies We’ll See In The Next 10 Years


Step aside, solar power and 3D-printing — there are a few technologies who want a say in what the future might look like. Many researchers don’t expect 3D-printing to reach its full potential for the next 15 – 20 years, but we’ve started making major progress on how we manufacture things, and solar power has been around for decades. So what are the “next big things” you haven’t heard of yet? Here are five amazing technologies that’ll soon become as common as smartphones: 1. 4D-Printing It’s not 2D…it’s not even 3D…it’s the ultra amazing, super cool 4D! You’re probably thinking… read more

The Scanadu Scout: A real-life Tricorder

Artist's Rendering

Star Trek fans, Third-World medical doctors, and fans of awesome gadgets–rejoice! A real-life, working “tricorder” has just been created, and will change the medical world as we know it. Currently, we use an amalgamation of tools and devices to diagnose patients and ourselves. In underdeveloped nations, access to these types of technologies is expensive and impractical, as sanitation methods are pitifully laughable. In the fictional Star Trek television show, space-age doctors used a tool called a “tricorder” to diagnose patients in seconds, and without touching them, no less. The medical world has never created anything similar, and had made little… read more