Thy Name is Republican

Thy Name Is republican

Usually there isn’t need for such drastic partisan claims to be made, but the situation at present is an exemption. Mitt Romney, on top of his disastrous handling of the attacks in Libya and Egypt, is still pushing a campaign promise to let the wind energy tax credits expire at the end of the year, while maintaining the massive tax credits given to the coal and oil industries. Constantly touting the philosophy that tax credits allow the government to determine which industries succeed and fail is incorrect and doesn’t allow for the free market to decide, Romney and similar-minded Republicans… read more

Drilling in Alaskan Seas

Drilling in Alaskan Seas

On August 27th, oil giant Shell began exploratory drilling in the Chukchi Sea, in addition to another drilling rig being anchored in the Beaufort Sea. This marks the first time an oil drill has touched the sea floor in two decades. Shell received a waiver from U.S. air pollution regulations regarding the generators on its drill ship, which allowed for the drilling to begin. Further, Shell is required to tow its repurposed oil recovery barge into Barrow, Alaska after it passes the U.S. Coast Guard inspection before any drilling into the oil-bearing zone can commence. The U.S. Coast Guard is… read more

Future For The Great Lakes

Future For The Great Lakes

Last week, the United States and Canada agreed upon and signed the newly amended Great Lakes Agreement, which was last amended in 1987. The goal of the Great Lakes Agreement is to “restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the waters,” with new provisions aiming to make it easier for the United States and Canada to take direct action on threats to Great Lake water quality, and to anticipate and prevent ecological harm. Interestingly enough, the governments consulted stockholders and independent groups which have vested interests in the Great Lakes regarding the amendments, which has resulted in… read more

Congress Still an Obstacle

Congress Still An Obstacle

Amidst all the attention surrounding the upcoming presidential election, it seems as though Congress has been exempt from criticism surrounding the environment. This could be in part due to the extremely low public approval ratings of Congress which contribute to apathy, and the recognition of certain powerful members of Congress being unwilling to do anything about the environment. For whatever reasons, Congress has been flying under the radar as of late, which is frequently a bad thing. As expected, members of Congress took this opportunity to get controversial measures passed, especially through the House of Representatives. Led by U.S. Representative… read more

Climate Change Migrants

The effect of rising sea level

Rising sea levels have been documented in various media of communication. For as long as the subject of climate change has made headlines, the effect of global warming on the world’s oceans has been proven by numerous scientific research and studies. The obvious problem with ocean levels rising is that ocean water encroaches on land inhabited by human beings as their place of permanent dwelling. Unfortunately, migration on the basis of the effects of climate change is a rather new phenomenon. This makes it rather difficult for international governments to recognise climate change migrants as refugees in the legal sense…. read more

Money Talks, Walks & Works

Money Talks, Walks & Works

Unfortunately, money has a significant impact in politics and policy. However, this is not a new claim, nor is it surprising. Ever since Citizens United passed, money in politics has been accepted, though not without backlash. Last year, a piece of legislation was brought up in the California senate which aimed to allow non-property owning residents to buy-in to distributed renewable energy programs in their territories. Current California law allows for property owners, i.e. homeowners, to add renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, onto their homes. Further, homeowners can apply for government loans and tax credits to help fund… read more

The Power of Persuasion

The Art of Communication

If only sustainability could harness the power of love

Prompt Action Required


Environmental policy, like many other areas of legislation, is not exempt from the slow-moving nature of the American government. As a result, it is difficult to convey the need for prompt action, especially in the case of progressive environmental legislation. However, America is in a situation which demands immediate action. Former Governor Mitt Romney presented his energy plan last week in Hobbs, New Mexico, and called for a boost in oil exploration along the East coast. In addition, he would reverse the suspension of oil drilling off of the coast of Virginia, which was handed down by President Obama following… read more

Shock Tactics Required ?

Communication and climate change

Climate change activists were on a high five years ago. 2006 and 2007 might well go down in history as the golden-years of public support for action on climate change. According to various surveys at that time, environmental issues topped the list of many people’s concerns. Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth had hit screens world-wide. And equally widespread was agreement amongst scientists that climate change was real. But the climate change ‘high’ was short-lived. With the global financial crisis of 2008, popular interest in rising sea temperatures and extreme weather events promptly crashed and burned. People stopped worrying about melting ice-caps… read more

Romney v Environment

Romney V Environment

At his foundation, Mitt Romney does not think the hazards posed by climate change are anything to be concerned about, and instead is solely concerned with the individual and their family. During his speech last night at the Republican National Convention, Romney said: “President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans—and to heal the planet. MY promise is to help you and your family.” The audience broke into an agreeing laughter mid-comment, and applauded at the end. This comment breaks down in multiple ways, but there are two important fractures that epitomize Romney and his strategy of lies…. read more