Underwater Worlds

Underwater Worlds

Many artists grab our attention with their displays or messages, but what if their work isn’t readily available to be viewed by the public eye? Land based artists present their creativity in various ways, however when your work is largely underwater that may present a challenge in getting it to the observer. That is, unless you are Jason deCaires Taylor, whose astonishing underwater sculptures are internationally renowned. His famous works have appeared in several documentaries, and seeing them come to life in their watery worlds is quite impressive. While placing foreign items like sculptures into the water may at first… read more

How We Need Our World


Conservation psychology is the study of the connection between human beings and the environment. Possibly a lesser known discipline than other areas in the psychological realm, there is an intense focus on ecosystems, renewable resources and conservancy in this particular field. Influenced by, but not to be confused with environmental psychology, it looks at how the natural world affects our mental and physical health. This branch of psychology is not afraid to address that human actions are to be attributed to many environmental issues. It further states that current behaviors need to be modified according to the natural balance intended… read more

Water Is Amazing — World Water Day


To celebrate last year’s World Water Day, Vsauce (who you may recall from our top 5 educational YouTube channels article), commemorated the event with an informative video on, well, water. Check it: The event has been observed on the 22nd of March every year since 1993. The United Nations declared that day as “World Water Day” to promote concepts and activities centered around water conservation and responsibility. You can learn more about it here.

An Open World Is Wonderfully Terrifying


The world is becoming ever more connected with each passing second. While you were sleeping last night, 227,792 new internet users were added somewhere around the globe. A whopping 2.3 billion people, or 1/3 of our planet’s population, access the internet almost everyday. This presents a whole bunch of possibilities for the future, along with a host of potential problems. We all know (or should know) about cloud computing, and how it will be utilized in the years to come. People will continue their mass exodus from local storage and move their data online, along with computer, tablet, and phone operating systems becoming… read more

Natural Talent

Natural Talent

Artists and sculptors who work with outdoor elements can present the environment in an interesting way, which can make us see things, even ourselves, differently. Established conceptual artist Rob Mulholland has constructed many thought provoking exhibitions. A central theme of his  sculptures and public art projects is our interconnection with the natural world. His work dates back more than 2 decades, and includes installations like Green Man that was shown in Glasgow, Scotland. The massive scene stretched over a space of 300 feet and was made from nearly 300,000 recycled cans. More recent works include a series of mirrored sculptures that reflect their… read more

A Boat That Won’t Float

The Boat That Won't Float

I recently offered to help a friend remove some duckweed from her dam. During our discussions, I recommended using a dinghy to get onto the water to rake up the weed and physically remove it, rather than using sprays or hiring a small harvester. My friend does not own a dinghy, and so the question was raised where she might source one. Surprisingly, a “hippy” friend of ours proclaimed with much enthusiasm that she had recently seen a brand new $20 dinghy at a nearby discount department store. It was made of PVC, came with plastic oars, and would be an… read more

Solar Panels Will Soon Make Utilities Obsolete


In a report released last January, the Edison Electric Institute heralds in relatively blatant terms a great success in renewable energy – and the impending death of utility companies. The news comes as utilities face the risk of losing customers to renewables due to rate reductions and technological innovation. Utilities have remained predominantly unchanged for the better part of a century, with no real competition. As such, the growing prosperity of renewable sources may find them ill-equipped to concoct a plan for battling their losses. Instead, it appears they’ll dedicate time to preserving the ‘integrity’ of their image and product…. read more

How Many People Can Live On Earth?


The educational Youtube channel Vsauce asked this very question a few months ago. Via a Google Plus Hangout, Micheal Stevens (the host of Vsauce) gave a live Q & A session to shed scientific light on the subject. You can watch the hangout below. Open your notebook, because this one’s chalk full of exciting facts. What did you think? Did his commentary more or less mirror your own thoughts on the discussion? Let us know in the comments below!

The Green Energy Machine

Green Energy Machine

When we consider “going green” and alternative energy choices, we usually think of solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal energy. Rarely would we think of transforming human waste into a power source, but that’s exactly what South African company IST Energy thought up with their Green Energy Machine or GEM. This shipping container-sized device dramatically cuts a building’s waste-disposal costs per year, while transforming that otherwise useless garbage into much-needed heat and electricity. The machine is 100% clean, because it doesn’t burn the trash, but uses a process called gasification instead. The GEM unit takes up as much as 3 parking spaces… read more

To weed or not to weed?

To Weed or Not to Weed

To weed or not to weed. That is the question…not least because what some people consider a weed, others consider a boon. I recently helped a friend move into a cottage on 200 acres overlooking the Obi Valley in Australia’s Sunshine Coast hinterland. The dwelling sits near a spring-fed dam that sources a creek which runs into the valley below through assorted waterfalls and swimming holes. It’s an idyllic location rich in wildlife and majestic vistas. There is, however, a problem (the solution to which might also provide some unexpected benefits). The little dam is covered in duckweed. An aquatic… read more