Town Planning and Transport Efficiency

Public Transport benefits

In many developed countries public transport is so efficient that many people use it to get to and from work. Besides the economic benefits of using public transport, this choice of daily travel could potentially reduce carbon emissions. In Swaziland the use of public transport to travel to work has not taken root due to the inefficiency of our public transport system. Town planning and transport efficiency in our cities is increasingly becoming important. The way in which our towns are developed will now have to take into account the environmental implications of travel within the city, and also to… read more

Swaziland Unplugs

Swaziland unplugs

Communication is a necessary element of human existence. It is arguably the most treasured ability that humans possess, so much so that there are many modes of communication and as much media. One such media is the telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Many homes and business entities in and around Swaziland have been using, and still use the telephone to communicate with other persons on a daily basis. The demand for telephones continues to rise, despite the popularity of other media such as email, cellular phone and social websites. In the past, a rise in demand meant… read more

The Greenwash Guide


Greenwash is alive and well across the globe. Today’s consumers are swamped with “eco-friendly” advertising and marketing messages that simply don’t come clean in the wash. Greenwash occurs when marketers seek to entice customers through unsubstantiated, fabricated or exaggerated environmental claims. In a market economy where the “green dollar” is a powerful force, we are swimming in products and services supposedly rich with environmental or sustainability benefits. But amid all the noise of organisations “going green”, why should we even care whether a few fibs are told along the way? As Futerra say in The Greenwash Guide: “Greenwash isn’t simply… read more

Inspiring Interiors

Inspiring Interiors

People tend to gravitate to rooms that are pulled together and adorned with a little style. Even though happy with a space, having a look at other rooms can conjure up some inspiration or provide a fresh outlook. These rooms from Ganna Design aren’t afraid to use a mix match of items. Modern and repurposed pieces are both used, and the space is pulled together by color and texture. The composed rooms lend to a calm feeling that culminates in a relaxing but operative area. Intended as an office studio, there are separate creative zones but the floor plan allows… read more

Talk It. Live It. Love It…Please

Is this sustainable Development??

Enough of the talk already. Isn’t it time to do something? Or maybe it’s time to rethink what we say so we can talk differently about what we need to do. Jeez…more talk, is that what this is about? Or maybe it’s about the right talk, meaningful talk, the kind of talk that actually leads to change? For more than thirty years our international leaders have been talking their way into supposedly global agreements on the need for action. Across the world, various models of sustainable development have been proposed as the panacea to our ills. Some twenty-five years ago,… read more

Mother Nature Never Loses Her Mojo

In the absence of radical economic change, it would not be hard to assume that there aren’t any significant environmental or social problems worth worrying about. Surely the powers-that-be would take the necessary action if disaster was impending. Surely the greenies are alarmist. The humanitarian mob are bleeding hearts. And the future is just as it’s meant to be – someone else’s problem. But where’s the logic in that? Doesn’t it make more sense to be at least a little bit cautious, to think of the future health and prosperity of the planet and its people as everyone’s problem? After… read more

Bulk Importation of Booze Causes Concern

South African Wine Industry

South African wines are reknowned the world over. Wine makers particularly of the Western Cape region of South Africa export wines to numerous overseas territories. The way in which wine has been exported over the years is being challenged by the United Kingdom one of the biggest importers of South African wine, on environmental grounds. In past years, wines have primarily been exported by South Africa already bottled. The South African Fruit and Wine Industry Initiative reports that South Africa exports 412 million liters of wine every year, with 10% – 15% of that exported to the UK alone. In… read more

Take A Different Approach

Environmental communication

There’s a magic trick in environmental and sustainability communication. It’s the slight-of-hand that brings into people’s vision something that otherwise might remain unseen. Given many people live in urban areas, some far removed from wild places, the natural environment is not always on people’s radar. Given much of the imperative for sustainability action (such as climate change) lives in the mysterious realm of the future, it’s not surprising that people don’t always see the need to act now. As environmental and sustainability communicators, we have to magically reveal that which is all too often concealed. Once you understand your audience,… read more

Would You Buy Expired Food?

Would You Buy Expired Food?

It’s hard to believe how food waste, which is responsible for tons of tossed out money, can occur in even the most conscious of households. The Institute of Mechanical Engineers stated that as much as 30 to 50% of all food purchased is thrown out. Doug Rauch has made it one of his goals to help cut down some of this waste. Previously president of Trader Joe’s, a specialty retail grocer, he is opening a new kind of grocery store in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Called the Daily Table, the concept is to sale items that may be listed as past their expiration… read more

Get Outside and Climb a Tree

Climb a Tree

When former US President Ronald Reagan said, “If you’ve seen one redwood tree, you’ve seen them all”, he spoke from a belief system rooted in his disconnection from the natural world. All human communication emerges from belief systems. In the case of environmental communication, beliefs (the complex fusion of feelings and attitudes) inform how we variously see ourselves in relation to the nonhuman world. In an age when environmental beliefs play a critical role in whether society shifts toward sustainability, it’s important to be mindful of our belief systems. Particularly important is the need to be watchful of the environmental… read more