Update: Kenya’s Turkana Water Reserve


Last month, news broke of a giant water reserve discovered in Kenya’s Turkana region. While initially this holds optimistic prospects in theory, we have perhaps gotten so carried away in our enthusiasm as to risk overlooking some of the kinks presented with this discovery. Just as a quick refresher, the water reserve in question was the largest of the five unearthed this year in Turkana, which lies in the northwest of Kenya. The aquifer, since named the Lotikipi Basin, is indeed colossal, spanning approximately 62 by 41 miles. It also holds more than 900% of Kenya’s current water reserves. But… read more

Effects of Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure

Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure

Health related research studies that recognize links between psychological dynamics and environmental factors provide a firsthand look into the significance of the relationship between the two. A study looking into psychological distress and air pollution exposure during maternal periods found that these can later have a negative effect on child behavior. Researchers from the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health conducted the study, which was recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is a pioneering effort in that it attributes a relationship among mental states during pregnancy and… read more

Specs with Style and Sustainability

Eco Friendly Specs

Environmentally fashion trends are on the rise and what better way to tap into the zeitgeist than with a pair of stylish sunglasses that are sustainable. Modo’s line Eco is produced from recycled metal and plastic. In addition to using recycled materials Eco plants a tree for every frame sold. Eco works to use donated frames to help those in need around the world. Schwood frames are composed of cherry and zebra wood.  These frames are handcrafted for a unique finish. Schwood tries to keep the natural essence of the wood by preserving the frame. Schwood comes in many designs such… read more

Save Our Thirsty World

Water conservation

With some places in the world facing scarce water supplies and some others trickling into the beginning stages of water shortage alerts, water conservation awareness is a must. Though many of us take having a daily water supply for granted, water scarcity around the world is a fundamental issue. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a typical U.S. household containing 4 members uses around 400 gallons of water per day just at home, with most of this being from indoor water use. This is more than twice the daily worldwide average, comprising a large amount of daily water use as… read more

Artful Integrations that Elevate Nature


The following sculptural installations function to enhance human interactions with the natural environment and how it is viewed. In concept, these structures are not far off from lookout point telescopes. But today, designers are going further to encourage a higher frequency of outdoor excursions, which promise to offer wandering patrons a different perspective with each trip. Aurland Lookout Born from the creative collaboration of Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhemsen, the Aurland Lookout promises uncompromising aerial views of the municipality for which it is named. The blond ledge extends far beyond the natural precipice, but is guarded with a thin, transparent… read more

The Sustainability Workshop

The Sustainability Workshop

Chloe Meineck, an innovative designer and researcher, has her hands in many projects. Her scientifically based designs have received much attention, and her Music Memory Box has recently won the Most Innovative Product Award from Brighton Enterprise. Another project that she put into action last year called the Sustainability Workshop is intended for use as a resource for teaching students about carbon emissions. Designed for children ages 2 through 6, it features hands on activities that provide children visual experiences to go along with the lessons so that they can grasp the concept. The workshop, which is aimed at school audiences, includes different facets… read more

Video: The Obscene Amount Of Pollution In China


Russia, Asia, and South America rank the highest on the world’s scale of most-polluted areas, although China still takes the cake year after year. Vice magazine sent a camera crew to document the ridiculous amount of pollution that Chinese citizens breath in every day, and they created a 2-part series on Youtube. We’ve linked both parts below, and highly recommend you watch them. We won’t blame you if you feel like taking a shower afterwards. PART ONE: Still have the stomach to continue? PART TWO:

A Moldy Home Could Be A Good Thing


Traditionally, it is considered dirty and unwanted to have mold on your home. We create paints and varnishes that repel moisture and seedlings from plants, vines, and other naturally growing “things”. However, researchers at Barcelona Tech (UPC) decided that mold should be a featured piece on homes and buildings. They created a wall that promotes the growth of fungi and lichens. It begins with a structured layer of cement protected by waterproof materials. The biological layer comes next, which allows water to accumulate inside of it for colonisation. Instead of repelling moss and lichens, it helps with the development of… read more

Motor Oil Moving On

Motor Oil Moving On

In Swaziland, as in many countries in Africa, it is not unusual for car owners to service their own cars. However, many people still dispose of used motor oil in an environmentally irresponsible manner. In Swaziland we do not have waste facilities for hazardous products, nor do we have used-oil collectors such as in neighbouring South Africa. The result is that used oil is dumped, into landfill, or onto open ground. Oil is known to have numerous adverse effects when dumped in water or land. Some other uninformed methods of disposal of motor oil is rubbing it on timber as a repellent for… read more

We Can’t Go On Like This


In the face of rising debt levels and environmental degradation, many writers now argue that economic progress (as we currently know it) is destined for collapse. They claim that it is – by its nature – doomed. This is shocking news for people who live to shop or who view television as the panacea to unhappiness. Is it possible that the over-spending, over-consuming, credit-card lifestyle of our contemporary age is on a trajectory to oblivion? Despite threatening the ecosystems upon which it depends, the overblown expression of human self-interest known as economic development (aka modern wealth) perpetuates a vision for… read more