Our Deteriorating Natural Capital

Natural Capital

Thanks to the industrial revolution, the modern economy has afforded unprecedented material gains for humankind. We live in a wealthy world. But whilst our ability to buy fancy cars and the latest gadgets may temporarily satisfy our egos, the price we now pay is far greater than the crunch on our credit cards. Since the time of Adam Smith (forefather of the industrial revolution), more of the natural world has been destroyed than throughout all previous human history. As Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and L.Hunter Lovins highlight in their book, Natural Capitalism: Creating the next industrial revolution (2000): “While industrial… read more

Endangered, But Not Enough Apparently

The Gray Wolf

Wolves are intelligent and social animals. They have an intricate pack hierarchy, each member dependent upon the others. The loss of one member of a pack is like a human losing a family member. Each pack has a male and female leader called the alphas and they are the only ones allowed to have pups. Litter size is usually 4 to 6 pups and they never have more children than the environment can provide for. Wolves have their own communication system which includes their howling, barking, growling, posturing and scent making. Wolves are known to keep wilderness habitat healthy for… read more

The Power Of Paying It Forward

The Power Of Paying It Forward

The focus in the headlines can often be negative. Although sometimes the kindness of complete strangers can surprisingly pop up, and their unexpected acts can change a pessimistic mood, or in some cases can even change someone’s life. Many studies have been conducted on the widespread effects of performing good deeds, as well as the reasons that individuals do them. One study that examined this found that performing kind acts could actually be attributed to heightened feelings of wellbeing. As other research has also found, those who perform good deeds do tend to be happier, but this study showed that… read more

Recycle Containers for Wrapping Gifts


If you’ve given or received a gift, especially with kids or during the holidays, then you’ve probably witnessed the massacre of what was a neatly wrapped token of affection, torn to shreds in anticipation to see the contents inside. Some of us are tidier about opening presents; still the wrapping paper is usually discarded along with the care put into the presentation. Creating reusable containers for gift giving can be fun and save a lot of time and resources. You can use almost any container. A Shoebox or hatbox would work. As would cookie tins, brown bags, and baskets. Even… read more

How to Benefit from Botany


Botany, which can be defined as the study of plants, is one of the main disciplines of biology. For hundreds of years, the observation of plant life has helped scientists unearth the nature of historical development. Botany has provided insight into the diets of early human settlers, and the hunter-gatherers that came before them. It has also enabled the study and use of plant properties for medicinal purposes. But botany isn’t limited to work in laboratories, nor is the practice exclusive to professional scientists. Plant life can be, with a little practice and curiosity, accessible to the observation of ordinary… read more

Poticrete Sidewalk

Photo: The City of Bellingham, Wash.

Many cities are testing out strange materials for road and sidewalk construction in an attempt to go green. Some of the materials being looked at are porous asphalt, recycled roofing shingles, and even plastic bottles. But the city of Bellingham, Washington, has been the most creative so far having just completed a pedestrian walkway incorporating recycled porcelain from more than 400 crushed toilets that were diverted from a local landfill. The project was part of the six-block Meador Kansas Ellis Trail Project in downtown Bellingham, which also included other sustainable elements like porous pavement and LED street lighting. The city even paved… read more

This Creepy “Singing Tree” Is Amazing


In England, they’re doing re-usability right. Sitting on the top of Crown Point in Lancashire, this “tree” made of tubes creates music on windy days. It’s a terrific example of science, ecology, and art coming together in unison. Each side of the pipe faces a different corner of the Earth, so it’s constantly making sound, provided there’s actually wind. Check out the semi-creepy/beautiful video below. This is the type of project you could also create yourself, with enough time and tubes lying around.

Found Art Finds Its Messenger

Found Art Finds Its Messenger

It is clear when an artist has an attachment to their work, and a driving need to create. What is also clear is when art is born for the sake of itself, and not only produced for profit or show. Isaiah Zagar is a mosaic artist whose talented dynamic is a mainstay for his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania community. Zagar has been making the city more colorful for several decades with his creative, hand placed murals. Over ten years ago he began to place his art, which can also be seen all over the city on murals and building facades, in a set of… read more

9 Storey Building Made From Plastic Bottles


In mid 2011 in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, there was an unusual building built. The EcoArk Pavilion was built out of 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles. The nine storey tall structure was built from Polli-bricks. Polli-bricks are a revolutionary building material made from 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Polymer. It is translucent, naturally insulated, and durable. The bricks are a 3-D honeycomb of interlocking bottles composed from recycled plastic bottles.  The Polli-brick panel can sustain lateral force up to 1.5 times the worst hurricane recorded without any damage. Polli-brick can be integrated with solar powered LED lights. These embedded solar powered… read more

A Green MBA is Available

A Green MBA

Today’s economy is leading many of us to rethink our future or current careers. An MBA in Sustainable Management seems one of the tools that have been catapulting careers in the right direction lately. A traditional Masters in Business Administration (MBA) usually includes extensive study in areas such as accounting, economics, management, marketing, international business and entrepreneurship. A Green or Sustainable MBA adds in an examination of the economic, environmental, and social impact of business decisions. Most economists agree that green technology is the future of the US economy. Corporations have put profits above all else at the cost of… read more