Stress Tests for Coral Reefs

Coral stresses

Often called “the rainforests of the ocean”, coral reefs enrich our planet with aquatic life. The coral itself is an animal that hosts a large variety of organisms. They serve as a source of food and shelter to sponges, jellyfish, sea anemones, sea turtles, clams, crabs, shrimp, starfish, oysters and sea urchins – to name a few. Coral reefs are important for a variety of reasons. In addition to providing refuge to marine life, coral reefs protect coastlines against erosion. They also act as sensitive indicators of water quality. This informs us of the overall quality of the eco system…. read more

Would You Buy Expired Food?

Would You Buy Expired Food?

It’s hard to believe how food waste, which is responsible for tons of tossed out money, can occur in even the most conscious of households. The Institute of Mechanical Engineers stated that as much as 30 to 50% of all food purchased is thrown out. Doug Rauch has made it one of his goals to help cut down some of this waste. Previously president of Trader Joe’s, a specialty retail grocer, he is opening a new kind of grocery store in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Called the Daily Table, the concept is to sale items that may be listed as past their expiration… read more

Domes For All — An Eco Project


This week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite eco-tech projects that have successfully received funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today’s choice is the ‘‘ by Effalo. The project is an endeavor to educate people on the usefulness of geodesic structures. Essentially, the project is a website that creates tools for designers to easily build and construct a geodesic dome of their own. With the designs in hand, they can get straight to building the dome with little to no experience necessary. The platform allows the community to share their own designs and ideas for quick and easy public download. Though… read more

An Air Quality Egg For Community Awareness


This week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite eco-tech projects that have successfully received funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today’s choice is the ‘Air Quality Egg‘ from Sensemakers. The “egg” is a computerized air quality monitor that connects to your computer and phone wirelessly. With it, you can monitor the air quality outside your home, in a nearby park,  the outskirts of town where all the factories reside, and more. Essentially, it’s an open-sourced social network for eco-conscious individuals to share their findings with the world. The team received their full funding in the spring of 2012. You can purchase… read more

Get Outside and Climb a Tree

Climb a Tree

When former US President Ronald Reagan said, “If you’ve seen one redwood tree, you’ve seen them all”, he spoke from a belief system rooted in his disconnection from the natural world. All human communication emerges from belief systems. In the case of environmental communication, beliefs (the complex fusion of feelings and attitudes) inform how we variously see ourselves in relation to the nonhuman world. In an age when environmental beliefs play a critical role in whether society shifts toward sustainability, it’s important to be mindful of our belief systems. Particularly important is the need to be watchful of the environmental… read more

What If Everyone Jumped At Once?


What kind of environmental impact might we experience if everyone on the planet jumped at the same time? Would there be massive earthquakes causing untold destruction? Would the planet move away from us? Would we bring about the apocalypse? It’s probably not a question that runs through your mind on a daily basis, but lucky enough, Vsauce has the answer. Check it: The question itself is rather silly, but the physics and the science behind it help us understand a great many things about the Earth, including how it interacts with gravity, friction, and cosmic bombardments in the form of… read more

Is this the future we wanted?

The Future For Us?

A recent movie called Idiocracy paints a depressing future in which society has become unintelligent and feeble minded to the point of ridicule. Likewise, H.G. Wells’ famous novel, The Time Machine, also shares a similar tomorrow where humanity has dumbed down into obscurity. Could it be that we are on a correspondent path? In a world where convenience is paramount, and everything from vehicles to homes is automated, we’ve increasingly built a society of demanding and dependent people. The desire to create is slowly being replaced with the need to consume– a stark contrast compared to the mindset of previous… read more

Capturing The Perfect Wave

Capturing The Perfect Wave

Clark Little, a surfer and photographer, has been making a lot of waves in recent years. The amazing views captured by the water adventurer and shutterbug are reason for pause. Taking observers straight into the eye of ocean waves, Little transforms the way we see the water. His trademark breathtaking shots, referred to as shorebreak photography, offer a dreamlike glimpse into the dancing and crashing waves that many of us will never experience. Interestingly, Little’s initial idea to start capturing these incredible shots came from a spousal request to hang up some artwork to liven up a bland bedroom wall. Not… read more

Probing The Antarctic With Drones


We need drones. It’s a subject of much debate in the U.S., as well as around the globe, with 2014 expected to be a huge year for the drone industry as they work to convince us of their relevance. Drones have the potential to be so much more than fire-and-forget weapons of war. Their scientific and commercial applications are unparalleled in certain areas, and they aren’t as scary as many in the media have the lead the public to believe. Just recently, a 37-kilogram drone was used by research teams in the Antarctic tundra to map the ice with radar soundings…. read more

Waste Not, Want Not


Most of the organic materials that end up in the dumpster are produce, bakery items, and dairy products. Those foods could be used in five ways to reduce the amount of food waste being generated. If food is anaerobically digested for renewable energy production, then the residuals can, and should, be put to beneficial use to feed the soil not landfills. Businesses, institutions, and individuals alike are being encouraged to make the most of what they have by reducing their food waste, separating excess food for donations, and composting the remainder. Reducing, donating and recycling excess food can have a… read more