Recycle Your Leftover Paint

Paint projects often end before all of the paint in the can is used up. Improper storage, aging and waste contribute to excess leftover paints, which is where recycling operations come into play. Paint must be properly disposed of and it is unlawful to just throw it away due to its toxic compounds. It can be recycled, and paint is one of the main collected items at household hazardous waste facilities. As pointed out by Earth911, prior to 1978 paints were readily made with mercury, a neurological toxin. Oil-based paints produce volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the air, and are… read more

Mother Nature Never Loses Her Mojo

In the absence of radical economic change, it would not be hard to assume that there aren’t any significant environmental or social problems worth worrying about. Surely the powers-that-be would take the necessary action if disaster was impending. Surely the greenies are alarmist. The humanitarian mob are bleeding hearts. And the future is just as it’s meant to be – someone else’s problem. But where’s the logic in that? Doesn’t it make more sense to be at least a little bit cautious, to think of the future health and prosperity of the planet and its people as everyone’s problem? After… read more

Five Amazing Science Videos From List 25


Tired of scrolling through your Facebook/Twitter feeds? Have you read everything from the front page of Reddit and are waiting for new content to make its way to the top? Perhaps you’re not in the mood to play the “What Should I Watch On Netflix” game at the moment. If this sounds like you, then perhaps you’ll enjoy these short and sweet videos that’ll send some science your way from List 25. 25 Unsolved Scientific Mysteries That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head Do you ever wonder why you need sleep? Why you dream? And just what is that “Dark… read more

If You’re Stuck In An Office Read This

If You’re Stuck In An Office Read This

If you’ve been there – then you are with me on this one. Stuck behind a slab of concrete starkness or a carpeted cubicle, a drab working environment can completely drain you. If your surroundings are repeatedly uninspiring, chances are that over time you may feel a decrease in motivation and will be less productive. Architectural team Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano from Selgascano obviously thought of this with their open office space. Though the building may seem somewhat restricted in terms of size and shape, they have been able to create a sense of openness and availability to a beautiful… read more

The Aftermath Of Mining

Sasar Baia Mare Gold Mine Disaster

In 2000, a gold mine tailings dam in Baia Mare, Romania was breached. Soon thereafter, all the cyanide-rich waste it contained – some 100,000 cubic meters of it – flooded into the surrounding watershed. Aside from cutting off the water supply of 2.5 million people, it killed nearly all the aquatic life residing in the nearby water. This event is not unique as we continue destructive practices all over the world, meaning many mountains of once imposing grandeur have had their surroundings reduced to rubble, and their contents exploited. After grounds have been blasted and their contents extracted, mines tailings… read more

Medicine and Ecology: A Natural Balance

Ecological medicine

Ecological medicine is becoming increasingly important. Although it has been around for a while, it‘s practice is needed now more than ever. The human impression on the earth and its ecosystems has been severe, even eradicating some once natural processes. Sustainable medicine acknowledges that people and the environment are interconnected. When exposed to unnatural elements, it can no doubt influence how our bodies and minds work. This approach takes into account the impact of contaminant issues along with other factors regarding one’s health, instead of just looking at the outside to see what shows up, like illnesses and disease. Humans… read more

What’s Next For Sochi?


The Olympics are finally over. Maybe your countries athletes performed admirably, or perhaps they didn’t quite live up to expectations. Whatever the case, Russia now has some major cleaning up to do. You may have heard about their trashing of villages near the construction of the Olympic Stadium. Nobody really reacted to this news like they did upon hearing how China was displacing homeless people in anticipation of the 2008 Summer Olympics. This should concern you. While “politics as usual” is nothing new, especially when it comes to environmental politics, this is a clear cut example of letting things slip… read more

It’s A Career For Our Future

Environmental Communication

Having recently been asked what I do as an “environmental communicator”, I thought I’d pen a few words to help clarify the role for people who might be interested in this fascinating field. Basically, an environmental communicator puts excellent writing and speaking skills to use in the development and delivery of organisational or public-facing communication strategies. There is always a clear objective in our work, for example, we may be asked to develop a complex media campaign or simple communication tool that aims to garner community support to protect local waterways, lush rainforests or threatened ecosystems. We might be asked… read more

Bulk Importation of Booze Causes Concern

South African Wine Industry

South African wines are reknowned the world over. Wine makers particularly of the Western Cape region of South Africa export wines to numerous overseas territories. The way in which wine has been exported over the years is being challenged by the United Kingdom one of the biggest importers of South African wine, on environmental grounds. In past years, wines have primarily been exported by South Africa already bottled. The South African Fruit and Wine Industry Initiative reports that South Africa exports 412 million liters of wine every year, with 10% – 15% of that exported to the UK alone. In… read more

The UNICEF Tap Project Turns 10 Minutes Into Water

The UNICEF Tap Project Turns 10 Minutes Into Water

The United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF, is an organization that began in 1946 in order to assist women and children in receiving basic nutritional and humanitarian services. There are a reported 768 million people worldwide who do not have enough water, according to UNICEF statistics. On a daily basis, 1,400 children lose their lives from diseases that are tied to a lack of clean water. UNICEF’s presence can be seen in countries all over the globe, where the organization has helped to provide sterile water and sanitation services. The UNICEF Tap Project is a nationwide fundraising event held by… read more