Food Justice Facts

Food Justice Facts

Many neighborhoods don’t have access to healthy fresh foods, causing people to have to go out of their area to find better choices. Some that don’t have travel access or the means to commute have to rely on what is available and affordable. There are widespread food vacuums that exist, and communities in the midst of one don’t have whole foods stores, supermarkets and garden fresh farmer’s markets. Another thing they often don’t have is the necessary nutrients essential for health and development. Though these areas are globally widespread, there is a common factor that seems to exist in many… read more

The 48 Go Green International Film Comp


Each year, the Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to a small group of eco-conscious filmmakers whose films affect change in the ecological industry. However, that prize is not the only way you can receive recognition for your contribution to the field of ecological science. The 48 Go Green International Eco Film Competition is a smaller-scale version of the Goldman Prize, but is given to more recipients, and offers a wider chance of having your project viewed by the masses. The idea is simple; together with a team, or performing solo by yourself, create an eco-conscious film in 48 hours that… read more

3 Significant Contributors to U.S. Environmental Literature

3 Significant Contributors to U.S. Environmental Literature

From environmental essays and natural reflections to printed discord for pollution yielding commercial regimes, many works have underwritten a strong movement for reverting back to nature. While the following are only a few of the countless, their works were fundamental during their time in shaping proactive attitudes toward ecology and conservation, and their rooted-in-nature concepts are still relevant today. Nature, in its ministry to man, is not only the material, but is also the process and the result. Ralph Waldo Emerson Known for his thoughts and essays exploring the human relationship with nature, Emerson was a pioneer of the transcendental… read more

All Grown Up? But What About All This Stuff?

Repurposing Baby Items

If you have had a new one enter the household, you are probably aware of how fast they tend to grow out of things. From baby gear to clothes, the time spent in them can be short-lived. Often baby’s things can be reused in a different way to extend their life and usefulness. For instance, everyday necessities like baby wipe containers can be turned into nifty organizational tools that can be labeled and easily cleaned off. Whether round or rectangular shaped, they can be repurposed to fit where they are needed. Using them as portable carriers for pencils, paper, stickers… read more

Traditional Laws – Are They Still Relevant?

Traditional Laws

Legal pluralism is not uncommon in many countries which were once colonies of western powers. In an era where colonisation was the norm, colonial masters introduced new cultures, lifestyle, and laws to the lands in which they sought to have influence. Swaziland is no different from the many African countries with legal pluralism. There are so- called “western courts” where common law and statutory law is administered by state appointed judicial officers. Then there are traditional structures where Swazi customary law is administered by chiefs appointed by a complex Royal order which is beyond the scope of this article to… read more

Be Active Not Passive

Be Active Not Passive

Environmental protection and promotion is on a steady rise globally, the incessant rise is due to a variety of factors one of which is environmental activism. Environmental activism plays an important role in environmental conservation. One of the important functions of environmental activism is raising awareness to persistent and rising issues that affect the environment, in particular human induced issues. Awareness works in favour of environmental conservation in that it often opens up issues that may be considered sensitive in political circles. Thus at the very least, activism will ensure that all parties concerned are cognisant of emerging issues, regardless… read more

Products Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics

Products Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics

There are approximately 3.5 million tons of garbage floating around the ocean, and around 80% of that is plastic. Plastics, so abundant they have formed their own literal islands, are tremendously hard to remove from marine areas. Some companies and artists have put this surplus waste to use as a material base, demonstrating that sustainable designs can be functional while helping to remove unwanted pollution. One example of a company who has made portions of their product packaging from recovered ocean plastics is Method. Already using recycled post-consumer plastics for containing their environmentally minded cleaning products, in order to make the… read more

Health Needs in the Future

Climate Change

When climate change is discussed, no matter at what level, the primary concern is rising temperatures and the impact that will have on the environment. This is justified as rising temperatures are by far the most pertinent aspect of climate change which must be addressed. However, climate change is not exempt from the “focus problem”, wherein the smaller facets of an issue are ignored, usually unintentionally, due to the stronger focus on a large aspect of the issue. People frequently respond to a large scale issue with more determination, which is why it makes sense to present an argument in that… read more

Where Girls Are Born And Trees Are Planted

Trees Planted for Girls Born

In the country of India, of all places, you probably wouldn’t imagine the locals consider changes in the environment seriously. After all, this country is known for its increasing overpopulation problem, and not so much for being forward-thinking saviors of the planet. Their cities are rife with pollution, they have little in the way of factory regulations, and many more problems than worrying about the future world they’re leaving behind for their children to inherit. And yet through all of this, one small village in the western state of Rajasthan has decided to buck tradition and give more to our… read more

Rhinos Could Be Extinct Within 20 Years

Rhino Poaching

The rhinoceros is one of nature’s most unique and beautiful beasts. It forms part of the so called ‘Big 5’ animals that are usually the main attraction in many Sub-Saharan Africa game reserves. The beauty of the rhino is also its curse, the horn it carries is synonymous to a death sentence for the beasts. The poaching watchdog website Stop Rhino Poaching reports that between 2008 to 17th July 2012 there have been 1 267 reported rhino poaching incidents in South Africa alone. Humane Society International further reports that the African black rhino is critically endangered, with a population of less… read more