Company Spotlight: Establishing a Green Vision

Company Spotlight: Establishing a Green Vision

Many companies sell environmentally friendly products. However not all of those are so committed to the green process that they earn the highest available rating from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), producing many of their products with 100% FSC certified materials. Forms + Surfaces, a California based business that specializes in doors, recycling bins, fencing and elevators, has accomplished this with their wood slat benches and other creations. Additionally, they either meet or exceed many other sustainable certification standards. In business for 40 years, their products are made from a high amount of recycled materials and are also responsibly obtained…. read more

Could You Live Without Plastic Bags?

Plastic Bags Piling Up

What started as a friendly contest between two Colorado cities has now become a documentary on the hazards of using plastic bags. In October last year, I attended a film screening at Oregon State University.  All in attendance learned something new that day and left a little more aware of why not to use plastic bags. The film screening was for “Bag-It: The Movie”.  It follows an average Colorado man named Jeb Berrier, who makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags.  This decision leads Berrier to start being more conscientious of plastic bag consumption, how the bags are made,… read more

The Office Of The Future

Office Of The Future

The modern office of today doesn’t look very different from the office of the mid-90’s, which says a lot about how some businesses view technology and innovation. This also applies to many companies’ views on working efficiently, since one can assume that outdated equipment is detrimental to worker’s success, and should be replaced immediately. That being said, there are many technology standards in use today that will soon be rendered ancient tomorrow. For instance: desk phones. This tired old model of secretarial and cubical communication has passed beyond its peak of usefulness and must take its leave from the office…. read more

Don’t Give Up The Fight

Don't Give Up The Fight

What do you reckon? Is the cause of today’s environmental challenges over-population? Over-consumption? Apathy? Greed? Various writers claim that our industrial system of economic development is the reason for our planetary malaise. Is the economic structure of the so-called democratically “free” world guilty? If so, how on earth can we transform a system whose global reach is ever-expanding? If poverty, like population, is a key player in our environmental challenges, surely a system established to generate prosperity is more of a help than a hindrance? Surely…not. The bad news is when you dig below the surface, the values and ideologies… read more

Standard Vs. Digital Currency: Both Sides of the Coin

Standard Vs. Digital Currency: Both Sides of the Coin

In the battle of the digital dollar versus the printed, minted physical version, which is a more viable option in an increasingly networked age? Through the course of money’s history, it has often developed and adapted around the existing society who needed to use it. For one example of electronic money, take the Bitcoin, which is in the e-currency spotlight and soring, falling and rising again in value. Surfacing in 2009, bitcoins are online cash in which holders, referred to as miners, can accumulate and spread around coins. Collected bitcoins are ready to be gifted, traded or used for payments… read more

The Gift Of Giving

Gifts Of Giving

Whatever your religious affiliation holidays are a means of celebrating life. Holidays bring about excitement and festivities, which more than make up for the accompanying headaches of the season. And of course, these celebrations would be nothing without a colorful cast of family and friends. But with the season comes gift giving. Though it can be fun to search out tokens of affection that suit your loved one’s personality, every family has one or two members who are hard to gift. In fact, you may be one of them. Perhaps they may have everything or simply want nothing. This can result… read more

Green Gone Wrong

Green Gone Wrong

Reeling in customers with false representation or misleading claims are techniques some companies use to market their products. Trying to make labeling appear greener may fool some, but smart buyers are capable of being label aware. Some organizations have attempted to uncover the tendency to use greenwashing to sell merchandise, and it may be surprising how prevalently used one study found it to be. TerraChoice conducted an initial study in 2007 to uncover whether or not merchandise that was marketed as green was in fact an ecological choice, and that the products reviewed met their claims. What they found was… read more

Re-Use and Re-Cycle

Recycling Household Items

While recycling things like plastic bottles and aluminum cans may seem like no-brainers, other products may be more complicated to correctly dispose of. Empty cosmetic containers, appliances, electronics and chemicals for instance, may take some researching in order to properly recycle them. Empty makeup containers that are made of things like glass, metal and plastics can usually be recycled at local facilities. Mail-in-programs are available through some cosmetic companies, and many other eco-friendly manufacturers are offering recycling incentives or services for their products and packaging. Once the makeup is gone, you can also see if there is something the container… read more

The Truth About “Cruelty-Free” Cosmetics


While Europe has recently banned animal testing for the manufacturing of human vanity – with Israel now following suite – the U.S. and Asia, both large cosmetic markets, continue to subject animals to testing. Law does not require companies to test products on animals, and in vitro alternatives do exist. Yet, 80 percent of the world’s cosmetics are still tested on animals, and 89 percent of cosmetic ingredients have undetectable origins. Because of this, most compassion-conscious citizens choose products labelled “Cruelty-Free” and “Not Tested on Animals”, as they appear be ethical stamps of approval. However, they can be misleading. Many… read more

Guess How Much Food The U.S. Wastes Each Year?


Given how many American families do not have enough food on their tables each night, the statistics of how much food wastage there is each year in the U.S. is quite shocking.