Golden Rice – An Unnatural Solution

Golden Rice – An Unnatural Solution

The food supply is a topic that concerns everyone. The fact that many in the world do not have adequate nutrition is a problem that unfortunately has yet to be solved. Normally, rice does not contain many nutrients, but still is a main food group in many homes across the globe since it can be low in cost and easy to prepare. One effort called the Golden Rice Project is seeking to make sure millions of people receive efficient nutrients in a staple food. This rice is enriched with vitamins that aim to prevent issues caused from malnutrition. Blindness and other deficiency… read more

5 Climate Change Myths Investors Believe


Considering purchasing new stock in an environmental company? Do you have misgivings because of a climate “fact” you may have heard? Chances are you’ve fallen prey to at least one of these 5 myths before, though you wouldn’t be the first. Hopefully this list changes your mind, or helps you make it up. 5. Isn’t Putting Climate Change “On The Radar” Good Enough? Absolutely not. Imagine if President Lincoln had simply stated, “Slavery is bad” and everyone in Congress said, “Yeah”; do you think any action would have been taken to necessitate change? Climate shift should not be viewed lightly,… read more

“Green” Imposters – Products You Should Avoid Buying


Many products have, either through their own claims or public fallacy, been labeled as constituting a “greener” option. While an abundance of companies now have Eco-friendly initiatives, some even living up to, many are simply capitalizing on the ever-growing conscious of consumers. And even then, they often don’t match the level of efficiency for which they purportedly strive. Thus, you are likely to encounter several of such items, perhaps even interacting with them regularly, on a daily basis. Nonetheless, listed below are a particular few that take great notice. Recyclable Plastics Plastic products today are often branded with varied levels… read more

People Have Had It With GMOs

People Have Had It With GMOs

Cities across the globe have been participating in protests against the colossal agricultural company, Monsanto. There have numerous recent marches and awareness campaigns to address the increasing concerns over the use of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs and other agro-chemicals. The company has been scrutinized for holding back food safety research on GMOs that provides information which shows that they are harmful to the environment and human health. Researchers who have examined how they impact the body’s system, including animal research, have concluded that there are in fact staggering results from using the altered additives. Jeffrey Smith, an author and activist, points… read more

Specs with Style and Sustainability

Eco Friendly Specs

Environmentally fashion trends are on the rise and what better way to tap into the zeitgeist than with a pair of stylish sunglasses that are sustainable. Modo’s line Eco is produced from recycled metal and plastic. In addition to using recycled materials Eco plants a tree for every frame sold. Eco works to use donated frames to help those in need around the world. Schwood frames are composed of cherry and zebra wood.  These frames are handcrafted for a unique finish. Schwood tries to keep the natural essence of the wood by preserving the frame. Schwood comes in many designs such… read more

How Green Are They Really?


Greenwashing is a means by which companies make their products or services seem more eco-friendly and sustainable than they actually are. TerraChoice (2010) has identified seven common types of greenwashing: Hidden trade-off: Focusing on one eco-friendly aspect of a product while neglecting all the other negative impacts associated with its production Lack of proof: Making claims of environmental friendliness that are impossible to substantiate (for example, percentage of recycled content in a tissue paper product) Vagueness: Using misleading claims such as “all-natural,” which don’t necessarily mean that products are eco-friendly or even healthy (arsenic is all-natural) Irrelevance: Making true assertions… read more

Solar Panels Will Soon Make Utilities Obsolete


In a report released last January, the Edison Electric Institute heralds in relatively blatant terms a great success in renewable energy – and the impending death of utility companies. The news comes as utilities face the risk of losing customers to renewables due to rate reductions and technological innovation. Utilities have remained predominantly unchanged for the better part of a century, with no real competition. As such, the growing prosperity of renewable sources may find them ill-equipped to concoct a plan for battling their losses. Instead, it appears they’ll dedicate time to preserving the ‘integrity’ of their image and product…. read more

The Green Energy Machine

Green Energy Machine

When we consider “going green” and alternative energy choices, we usually think of solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal energy. Rarely would we think of transforming human waste into a power source, but that’s exactly what South African company IST Energy thought up with their Green Energy Machine or GEM. This shipping container-sized device dramatically cuts a building’s waste-disposal costs per year, while transforming that otherwise useless garbage into much-needed heat and electricity. The machine is 100% clean, because it doesn’t burn the trash, but uses a process called gasification instead. The GEM unit takes up as much as 3 parking spaces… read more

Marketing Strategies That May Leave You Thirsty

Marketing Strategies That May Leave You Thirsty

Remember when water was free? Before the plastic bottle surfaced, water was not typically thought of as a purchasable beverage. For example, restaurants normally served a glass for free before water in a bottle took over. Now it is a different story. Water is a profitable business. Many companies are on the water bandwagon, and making big gains on what some would say is at the expense of others. This issue is likely to be resurfacing in global conversation, as many revisit and study marketing techniques and human rights, and the connection between the two. One of the many issues… read more

Mobilize The Young

Mobilize The Young

In an effort to mobilize the younger generation toward reducing carbon emissions and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, the organization has launched a campaign aimed at persuading colleges and universities to divest their assets away from fossil fuel companies. The campaign is student-led, and coordinated by, a climate advocacy organization founded by author and activist Bill McKibben. Instead of utilizing fiscal or environmental arguments to persuade people and companies to move away from fossil fuel consumption, the organization’s goal is to turn global warming action into the moral issue of this generation. The campaign gathers its own data—which… read more