Reduce, Reuse and Share

Reduce, Reuse and Share

The concept of sharing is instilled in young minds through interaction and reinforcement. While learning to share seems like a childhood endeavor, it has resurfaced in the adult world in a far-reaching way. The sharing economy has been evolving, and it is now more possible than ever to share nearly anything. As people decide that it is beneficial to them and the environment, more individuals and start-ups are springing forward to foster the new sharing model. As reported by Forbes, a growth of more than 25% is expected this year across the sharing boards. Though this notion of anti-retail consumerism… read more

BYO Coffee Cup

BYO Coffee Cup

Starbucks has introduced a new plastic reusable cup that they are selling for only one dollar. It seems to be a hit among the Starbucks customers out there. It pays for itself quickly with the 10 cent discount Starbucks offers to people who bring their own cup. Customers also do not have to worry about losing or misplacing the cup since it is only one dollar. Starbucks put its eco-friendly idea to work in 600 Pacific Northwest stores starting in October. In November, Starbucks saw a 26% increase in the usage of reusable cups compared to November of the previous… read more

Buffett Takes On Solar

Buffett Takes On Solar

Most of the time, solar energy and solar power are surrounded by competing interests, and competing sources of investment. As a result, many believe the government, be it state or federal, bears some responsibility in easing the financial burden of building or installing solar panels. On the other hand, many believe government has no place in funding solar projects unless it is on federal property. This dichotomy in beliefs exists both at the watercooler in the office, and also on Capitol Hill. Bypassing the differences in ideology, Warren Buffet is privately funding the world’s largest photovoltaic solar project. Obviously Warren… read more

Water: It Should Be for Everyone

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If you have the luxury of having a running faucet, it may be easy to overlook the fact that many parts of the world don’t have access to a steady source of water. Actually, at least 1/3 of the world has a water supply that is either scarce or unsafe. This year the United Nations is calling for global collaboration in regard to water, naming 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation. Incorporating what efficiently works and sharing water provision success stories to facilitate a safe, steady global water supply sounds like an ideal that works for everyone, until… read more

Solar Industry On The Rise

Solar On The Up

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released data late last year which showed 684 megawatts of solar photovoltaic capacity was installed in the quarter ending October 2012, 44 percent more than in the third quarter of 2011. During the first three quarters of the year, the solar industry added 1,992 megawatts of solar power, compared with 885 megawatts for all of 2011. This increase brings installed photovoltaic capacity to 5.9 gigawatts, which could power slightly under one million average American homes, according to SEIA. The surge in solar installations, and thus capacity, is attributed to not only lower costs of… read more

Which Are The Most Climate Progressive Nations?

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While the list of countries embracing green reformation and eco-conscious living is growing each year, only a select few hold the title of “World’s Most Climate Progressive Countries”. Several of them may surprise you, and a few are obvious additions to the list. Wales — With its massive offshore wind farms, experiments with tidal wave energy, and housing Europe’s leading eco-center, Wales has made a name for itself among eco-friendly nations. Gas-guzzling countries, take note; this is how change is supposed to look. Iceland — Well-known for getting most of its energy from renewable sources, Iceland is near the tip-top… read more

Plastic Bags ‘Out’ In Dallas

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Plastic bags are apparently a hot topic amongst Dallas leaders. Dallas’ Transportation and Environment Committee is scheduled to debate whether or not to ban plastic bags in the city. With billions of plastic bags polluting our oceans this does seem to be a wise choice. The idea is mentioned in broad strokes as part of a plan to significantly reduce waste in the city. There is not much detail as to when it would start, if it will be phased in, or if it would be an outright ban. In the city’s proposal, it does not deem the ban to be… read more

Making Eco-Minded Music

Eco-Minded Music

A lot of aspects of living are becoming more environmentally focused. One area, though, that may not be as publicized for doing so is the music industry. An original study done in the UK found that around 540,000 tons of greenhouse gasses are released annually from the music trade. When investigating the various sectors involved in bringing music to the masses the analysis found that 43% of this was from viewer travel, 26% was caused from recording and publishing and 23% occurred as the byproduct of live shows. Along with these statistics, the Huffington Post offers 9 captions of example… read more

Cola Cares For Bears

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One of the many gorgeous images that adorn our TV screens at Christmas time are the polar bears from Coca Cola’s Arctic Home commercials. Many people will think this is just a branding exercise to encourage consumers to buy their soda, however the relationship goes much deeper. The Coca-Cola Company’s love for the polar bear goes back decades. Polar bears were first introduced in the company’s print advertising in 1922 and today they remain one of its most lovable icons. Since 2007, Coca-Cola has supported World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Arctic research and conservation efforts. As part of this initiative, Coca-Cola has created Arctic… read more

eBay Giving Works to Charity


In a consumer society what and how you buy products reflects your personality and your values. Whether you wear your friend’s old clothes or get creative making old tees into scarves, you are creating a second life instead of throwing them into a landfill and creating waste. Now there is a way to combine the desire to purchase and the desire to help someone else in the same transaction. If you have ever browsed eBay you may have noticed that some listings are a part of eBay Giving Works. eBay Giving Works is monitored by Mission Fish and allows 10-100% of an auction… read more