Out of The Ordinary Herb Gardens

Out of The Ordinary Herb Gardens

Herbs can be a favorite of many gardeners. Herbs can be grown any time of year indoors with proper lighting and growing conditions. Outdoor herb gardens are usually started once the fear of frost is gone. Some can be grown from seeds and others do best when started outside as rooted plants. Many are easy to grow and some varieties require only minimal upkeep with just occasional weeding and watering in drought conditions. For example, mint and many types of oregano will completely take over more than their share of garden space without much care. Themed herb gardens like pizza… read more

DIY Outdoor Space On A Budget

DIY Outdoor Space On A Budget

If you have a favorite outdoor spot, deck or patio but not a lot going on in the line of style and function, the following DIY projects will have you wanting to get your craft on. Reusing and upcycling can turn a bare spot into a lounge worthy space, great for a weekend project. The following tutorials have good, easy to follow images and videos, including a great compilation of ideas for making a fantastic homemade patio set. Break out your old broken lawn chairs and chaise lounges. Making a macramé lawn chair with an existing frame is a perfect… read more

PhoneSoap – See Why You Absolutely Need It!


Mobile phones have taken over from the handkerchief as the most likely household item to carry germs and bacteria. Even the toilet seat is ranked as a cleaner household item. A survey in the US found that more than 60 percent of iPad owners use their iPads to read news while in the restroom. The same device is then carried into the living room, the office, or the gym with the bacteria coming all the way. Phonesoap, a device which was funded by Kickstarter in 2012, is the solution to this unsavoury problem. The project was inspired by research which said that apart from viruses… read more

When Scientific Research And Legos Collide

When Scientific Research And Legos Collide

To some children, Legos are a first primer to serious architecture. Though in the fun guise of play, most of us don’t recall the strategy, composing and hours of constructing, erecting and regrouping to begin again, that was involved in a serious afternoon of Lego assembly. Science, who is no stranger to hours of constructive exploration, often strays from the ordinary to investigate and find answers, and when searching for a solution to fill a laboratory need one team did just that. Researchers at Iowa State University wanted to investigate what effects the environment has on plant development. In order to… read more

Environmental Concerns About Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is marketed as a healthier sugar alternative because it is less processed, more nutritious, and low on the glycemic index. Coconut sugar may be more environmentally friendly as well. The impacts of large-scale cane sugar production include the destruction of ecosystems to clear land for single crops, excessive water consumption, water and air pollution, and soil degradation. Coconut palms, by contrast, grow in diverse ecosystems, have positive environmental impacts, and produce more sugar per acre than sugar cane plants while making fewer resource demands. However, concerns were raised when Tropical Traditions (2012), a producer of coconut oil, posted… read more

Keeping Them Honest

Compliance for Environmental Law

It is essential that a country put in place sound environmental policies and a suitable legal framework in a bid to tackle environmental challenges. However laws and policies serve no purpose at all if compliance is lacking. Monitoring whether or not environmental laws are complied with is a crucial element of environmental protection, though it be a mammoth task. Compliance is quite important because environmental laws are primarily preventative, they basically constitute rules formulated such that environmental damage is either minimised or prevented if possible. It is unimaginable that a state can trust that subjects will comply willingly, like all… read more

Your Pool is a Major Air Polluter

Backyard Pool Pollution

An aerial view of the suburbs in a warm climate often displays a homogenous cluster of houses, spiraling outwards along the street. Behind each house, a fenced, green patch contains a sparkling pool in a kidney-bean shape – or perhaps round or rectangular. These toxic puddles are more than Kool-aid blue splashes on an otherwise bare landscape. They are generators of air pollution. Especially in large concentrations. Staying out of artificial swimming pools doesn’t keep you free from exposure to the toxins contained within. Whether they are actually used, the congregation of chemically treated pools elevate the pollution levels throughout… read more

Getting Kids Into Gardening

Getting Kids In The Garden

Teaching kids where their food comes from is a valuable lesson that will stay with them forever. Gardening fosters a sense of independence, models sustainability and encourages healthy eating. Match kid’s creativity by rethinking what a garden plot should be. If space is an issue, container gardens or vertical varieties are easier to maintain and can be done to scale in order to fit the child’s abilities and growing plans. A simple planter concept that also reuses plastic bottles can be seen in a product called the Petomato. By taking an ordinary empty water bottle and fitting on the special cap that contains… read more

The Lure Of A Courtyard


Courtyards have been used in residences and businesses worldwide throughout history. Along with their inviting appeal, they can also be energy efficient spaces. One study examined how the use of courtyards in the Mediterranean area also serves a functional purpose as passive energy systems. The walls, placement and size of courtyards can lend to considerably cooler temperatures in warmer weather. Courtyards are popular in many regions where the weather is accommodating to outdoor living. From Klopf Architecture, this Eichler style remodel incorporated existing gables and a centrally located garden turning the home into an open and inviting place. The new enclosed courtyard… read more

Corn: A Kernel Of Destruction

Corn Kernels

Corn has become an inescapable additive to both edible and non-edible products. Every day, we are bombarded with corn derived products. Sodas laden with corn-syrup, ketchup, tortillas, ice cream, candy – foods far from resembling the light golden kernels of freshly husked corn – are a constant source of corn and its most prevalent by-product, corn-syrup. The use of which has increased diabetes and obesity rates. In addition, the majority of corn grown in the U.S. goes to feed livestock. But it doesn’t end with our diets. The excess of corn brought on by overproduction leaves the USDA scrambling for other avenues… read more