Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities – Fit for Royalty

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

When the birth of a little one is near, royal excitement starts to go around. When buying for the much anticipated guest forget baby bling, but opt for practical pieces that mom and baby will really use. And so, with the impending birth of the newest royal just around the corner, it started us thinking about the perfect baby items that Prince William and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, might find both useful and necessary. Here are a few suggestions we have come up with. Linens A definite need for babies who are amiably renowned for requiring numerous daily wardrobe changes, linens… read more

Solar Showcases Its Fun Side With 3 Neat Toys

Solar Showcases Its Fun Side With 3 Neat Toys

The field of solar gear has manufactured some clever products. Toy merchandise that has dipped both its feet in the solar pond has created some entertaining items. Below are a few interesting models that show what can happen when solar turns up the amusement meter. Though there are many remote control and toy cars that are powered by the sun, this solar powered racing car requires construction and attaching the solar panel before you can juice it up. The build it yourself car features an adjustable panel and a battery backup. It is fairly powerful, and can race along and… read more

Education Outside


Imagine a gray schoolyard paved with asphalt being transformed into a flourishing ecosystem; with footpaths meandering from bursts of native flora to vegetable patches teeming with in-season crops. Education Outside is an organization that strives to incorporate environmental enlightenment into school curricula; doing so by transforming traditional schoolyards into green havens where kids can help build a sustainable ecosystem. Based in San Francisco, Education Outside has sprouted green classrooms in the schoolyards of dozens of schools in the San Francisco area. In addition, they provide environmentally concerned curricula and training for teachers. In these natural sanctuaries, students not only learn… read more

Plants Perform Arithmetic To Survive


An intriguing discovery was made just the other day in the field of biology in regards to how plants function during the evening. Plants have the ability to make precise, and complex, mathematical solutions in order to ensure they have enough food to last the evening until the next day. Even if the night ends up coming sooner than the plants had calculated, such as an overcast evening, certain phases of the moon, etc, they can still prepare for the next day. In simple terms, the plants perform arithmetic division to help them decide how to use their starch resources… read more

Saving Seeds

Saving Seeds

It isn’t necessary to buy seed packets for all plantings if you know how to save seeds. Even if you don’t garden you can keep the seeds from purchased produce, store and plant them during next season. With proper care and a little help from Mother Nature you can begin your own annual heirloom collection. Start with quality heirloom produce or seeds if possible. The kind of seed used to grow an heirloom quality item is true to its type, and not mixed with another variety so it will produce a pure product if properly grown. Heirloom produce is naturally pollinated… read more

Glass Jars Are Food Perfect and Portable

Glass Jars Are Food Perfect and Portable

People in the U.S. alone toss out the paper and plastic equivalent in cups and utensils to go around the equator 300 times per year. Meals on the go and picnicking can create a lot of packaging and food waste. Canning jars can reduce this waste and are perfect for storing, transporting and serving foods. These reusable glass jars come in a variety of sizes and last for years. Commonly referred to as Mason jars as these were the pioneering product, many other named brands are available. Though glass, they are durable and do not break easily. If properly transferred they… read more

Unlikely Uses For Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is already famed as a sidekick to both chocolate and jelly, loved solo by millions of Americans for its thick texture and health benefits (Europe has yet to develop as intense a passion), and has inspired the crunchy vs creamy debate, which continues over a century after it was first introduced in St. Louis by Doctor Straub – where it was originally used as a means to provide protein to patients who were unable to adequately chew solid foods. Usually, this meant toothless gentlemen of a refined age. Certainly, these achievements are impressive, but in a world where… read more

How to Host a Green Dinner Party

Go Green At Dinner

Putting on a dinner party can be a big event. Even if there are only a few people on the invitation list it can take a lot of planning to produce it. From the decorations to the menu, it can be done with an environmental focus. With a little conscious preparation you can throw a party where your appreciation for guests and sustainably are evident in the details. Usually for a dinner event the focus is on the food, but other ways to save economically and on your ecological output are by using digital invitations instead of traditional paper types,… read more

Ways to Naturally Season Foods

Ways to Naturally Season Foods

If you want to cut down on preservatives and salt but still prefer seasoned foods there are simple ways to incorporate natural flavorings. Making your own spices at home is cheaper than buying them and uses what would normally be tossed out from groceries that you already have. Taking this concept and turning it into a functional device, Rianne Koens has created a system for making food enhancers at home. A product designer with an environmental eye, she saw the opportunity for naturally flavoring foods often being thrown in the trash after dinner. She uses the example of a fruit… read more

The Harming Effects of Pesticide Exposure

Pesticides Cause Harm

Research has shown that pesticide exposure increases the risk for a variety of serious health problems. According to Dr. Cathy Vakil (2010) a larg number of studies have found a link between cancer rates and pesticide exposure. Many studies have shown that pesticides may trigger neurological problems ranging from cognitive dysfunction to neurobehavioural issues to depression. Indications from around the world show that pesticide exposure can increase the risk of birth defects and may affect fertility as well. Some studies suggest that the babies of women who are exposed to pesticides while pregnant or even before conception are at increased risk for… read more