Make Your Bathroom Sparkle (Chemical-Free)


Being a place for cleansing and refreshment, it would make sense that the bathroom be finely groomed itself. A clean bathroom is not only crucial for better health within the home, but much like a well made bed in an otherwise messy room, it can change the perception of the entire house. If, however, you’re not one to clean your bathrooms habitually, one tidy up can lead to dubious hours spent knelt over bathtubs with a variety of cleaning agents. By learning naturally-based cleaning methods, you can implement cleaning rituals without disrupting your daily routine. You also learn to maintain an… read more

Top 6 DIY Resources


For the weekend warrior, new projects are seen as a challenge to accept, and not a daunting task to accomplish. If you’re a hands-on type of person, then you love seeking out new things to make/build/craft, etc. We’ve provided 6 of our favorite resources for various projects you might be interested in. The Big Book Of Hacks From Popular Science, this book is an amazing resource for technophiles seeking their next computerized gadget to make. Home improvements, cellphone efficiency boosters, ways to bring old computers back to life, etc. Everything you might want to make is most likely in this… read more

Enrich Fabric with Natural Dye


For thousands of years, humans have used dyes to enhance interactions with our environment; and indeed, much of our perception of other sensations, including taste and smell, are greatly influenced by appearance. Specifically, by an object’s pigmentation. Such is the reason viewing temperate land blush after rainfall could be considered an act of visual gluttony. It may entice you, then, to know you can saturate items of your own using the natural resources around you. The following are plant parts well suited for use as dyestuff: Flowers – Most flowers can be used fresh or dried. To dry the flowers… read more

You Don’t Have To Buy These 4 Products

You Don’t Have To Buy These 4 Products

There are chemical concoctions for nearly every need. Often there are alternatives to the store bought versions that can be made at home with only a few supplies. Here are 4 simple to make items that you can replicate more naturally at home. Disinfectant Wipes Handy, convenient and perfect for quick clean-ups, these are hard to resist purchasing. However, if eliminating paper waste and chemical exposure is on the agenda, then try Live Renewed’s homemade cleaning wipes. Made with recycled paper towels or reusable cloths, these work just as good as a pricey container. There are 2 recipes to choose from that… read more

Junk Food Swap Outs

Junk Food Swap Outs

Many snack  favorites can be less than ideal on the healthy rating scale. Luckily there are replacement ingredients for the not so good ones that let you still have the food without all of the worry. The following are a few swap out suggestions for some popular snack originals that are known to be suspect for their low nutritional value or chemical production processes. Microwave popcorn is a convenient snack staple; however that bag contains a lengthy list of items that aren’t just popcorn kernels. In addition to some brands being made with partially hydrogenated oil this fast food has… read more

Nature’s Repellents – Part 1


Getting pests out of your home can be difficult. Keeping them out often proves to be even harder. This is especially true for ant infestations, as you may find your house occupied with a militia of them crawling out of every crevice, appearing only to multiply double the rate at which they are vanquished. Commercial repellents exist, but they are often costly, contain hazardous chemicals (harming the ants and yourself), and usually don’t prevent new infestations from taking place – companies do need customers to keep buying more product(s), after all. Focusing on ants, there is a great deal you… read more

Novel Ways to Repurpose a Novel

Zimpenfish via Flickr

Most of us have personal attachments to books we have acquired either at a local bookstore, half priced store, or a garage sale. Due to space shortages and clutter we may feel we should throw those old books into the recycle bin. Wait! Here is a few do it yourself projects that may continue to give you love from those old books. A book headboard is the perfect décor to any storybook bedroom. You can simply stack the books onto a headboard book shelf or you can get a bit more creative. Cut the hard back covers off the books and… read more

Growing Your Own Stone Fruit Is Easy


Fruits with pits are also known as drupes or stone fruits. A drupe is a fruit with a hard stone or pit inside and contains a “fleshy” outer skin. This includes cherries, plums, peaches, dates, mangoes and apricots. Some berries are also drupes, such as raspberries and blackberries. You  needn’t perform acupuncture, poking and prodding the pits of fruit to encourage new plants to grow. Instead, embed them in a nutrient-dense bed of compost or humus. Not the dip that you find smeared on pita bread. Rather the rich, outermost layer of healthy soil. Results may vary depending on which… read more

Mosaiculture That Will Blow Your Mind

Mosaiculture That Will Blow Your Mind

Montréal, Canada hosts the International Mosaiculture of Montréal , an international competition and exhibition held at the Montréal Botanical Garden. Forming living constructions from various types and colors of plants, this series of heightened horticultural art displays are rich in color and creativity. International Mosaiculture of Montréal, a nonprofit establishment, arranges the massive botanical feast for the eyes. It was formed in 1998 and first worked with the local Parks, Gardens and Green Spaces Department for their premier exhibition in 2000. The goal of the event is to endorse the world of horticulture and pay homage to it as an… read more

Do You Hate Mowing the Lawn?

Do You Hate Mowing the Lawn?

Or in contrast, do you have patches in the yard that look like this? If plagued by either landscaping issue, there may be a solution you haven’t thought of. Moss. Moss is actually the oldest known terrestrial plant that is still living. We have featured some of the interesting sides of moss – from being used as green graffiti to its energy creating capabilities, and it is also perfect for a soft, no hassle turf that is vibrant most of the year. This natural outdoor carpet may be loathed by some, but planting lawn moss is actually an environmentally logical landscaping… read more