5 Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen


Nowadays, finding ways to save money wherever and whenever we can isn’t a trend–it’s a basic instinct. Houses are expensive to maintain each month. On top of all the bills to pay, you have mouths to feed, unforeseen costs, and random life occurrences that convince you that God must have a twisted sense of humor (like that time the freak storm blew your brand new shingles off the roof). To make life easier, you scour the interweb for any tips you can find to keep your wallet that much heavier when payday rolls around. We understand the struggle. Here’s a… read more

Making Alcohol Organically with Apples


The resources required to produce and transport liquor results in an extensive 6.30 pounds of carbon dioxide per 750-milliliter bottle. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy a warm spirit in the drinking vessel of your choosing on occasion. But there are ways in which you can make your own, organic brew instead. And, with the passing of the autumn equinox, what better choice than hard apple cider? Beyond cutting the carbon footprint of your liquor consumption, you’ll be informed of your drink’s origins and find the cost of concocting your cider-y brew to be favorably scant by measure of… read more

A Boat That Won’t Float

The Boat That Won't Float

I recently offered to help a friend remove some duckweed from her dam. During our discussions, I recommended using a dinghy to get onto the water to rake up the weed and physically remove it, rather than using sprays or hiring a small harvester. My friend does not own a dinghy, and so the question was raised where she might source one. Surprisingly, a “hippy” friend of ours proclaimed with much enthusiasm that she had recently seen a brand new $20 dinghy at a nearby discount department store. It was made of PVC, came with plastic oars, and would be an… read more

Avian Invitations


Attracting birds to your home can bring music to your ears and improve the health of your yard or garden. To invite flocks of feathered gems, you can begin by offering tokens of appreciation in the form of tasty treats. Of course, the exterior of your property should also be pesticide free. Since many a park bench is filled with breadcrumb tossing patrons, for which urban pigeons are devoted, we will start with grain-based treats. When it comes to baked goods, birds’ palettes are as varied as the color of their plumage. That said many breads and pastries entice multiple… read more

Easy Ways To Use Up Pumpkin Guts

Easy Ways To Use Up Pumpkin Guts

Pumpkins are favorites for pies, decorating and carving into jack-o-lanterns, but beyond these there are quite a few other things to do with them, even with the excess inside portions. Check out the following easy ideas for using up pumpkin guts. Saving the seeds and preserving them are a way to ensure that you will be able to start your own pumpkin crop next season. Simply rinse until clean, dry them out completely so that they don’t mold and store in an airtight container in a dark place until it’s time to plant. The seeds are also a popular and… read more

Intricate Gardens Indoors


You needn’t settle for potted plants to add lush to interior spaces. Even in limited expanses you can, with a little ingenuity, create green havens with canopies of foliage and exposed earth. The following are prime displays of indoor gardens that retain their primitive nature despite their urban enclosures. Office Garden The Cuningham Hayden Group Place didn’t simply install a garden in their office, architects built the office around it. Such is evident in the organic layout of the garden, unobstructed by abrupt run-ins with choppy walls. Beyond use as a spot for relaxation, the garden filters the air that… read more

Soil-Free Methods for Growing Crops Indoors


Growing vegetables can seem daunting even for those with a yard, let alone the dwellers of a small apartment complex. But as the population continues to converge at ever-expanding metropolises, we find the need for healthier food that is self-sufficient is actually attainable – and becoming more so through increasingly efficient processes. All of which are suited for application to urban environments, as is evident in the following methods. Hydroponic Gardening Hydroponic  gardening is a prime method of growing plants in which no soil is used. Instead, all nutrients necessary to the plant’s vitality are obtained through water. Organic vegetables… read more

Drawers To Compost Bins


Using an old dresser or chest of drawers, you can easily convert discarded furniture into a compost bin. If you have any scrap wood lingering in the shed, building your own bin may be an other opportunity of equal promise. Ideally, it is best to use drawers with a depth of about eight inches. For composting purposes, drawers are best utilized if  converted into a worm bin. When employing worms as a method of composting, drawers make the efforts easier, as they allow you to harvest the garden-ready compost on lower levels, without disturbing the worms who have migrated to… read more

Living Decor


Indoor plants have remained a popular household fixture for over 3000 years. They introduce nature into urban environments, define a room’s dimension, and improve the overall health of the home’s inhabitants. But what if we could go beyond the houseplant, or even vertical gardening to find indoor plants that are fully immersed within a piece of furniture? Below, are a few examples of living decor at its best. Living Furniture Designed by San Francisco based company, Habitat Horticulture,  Living Tables are made from wood, steel, and crowned with a sheet of tempered glass. The tables have a carrying capacity of… read more

Living Paper

Seed Paper

Imagine a greeting card that comes to life, literally sprouting up from the ground in a bouquet of wildflowers. With seed paper, this is possible. What is seed paper? It is a treeless paper made from recycled fibers that are embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds. Sometimes herb and vegetable seeds are used instead. It can be made by hand or manufactured, with several companies and retailers offering seed embedded paper, in addition to other treeless alternatives. Once the paper has fulfilled its assignment as a flyer, wedding invite, or note pad for jotting, it can be planted directly into the ground and with daily watering the seeds will… read more