Recycling Lessons At Home

Recycling Lessons At Home

Fun family recycling projects can be done with many household items. While being creative you can also incorporate a lesson about the importance of reusing. Empty containers can be turned into a great array of objects. Kids can save milk jugs and plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes and turn them into birdfeeders. Adults can assist in cutting out an entryway with no sharp edges for feathery friends to enter. Kids can help insert or glue on a perch and decorate the bird home. Secure it to a favorite tree or post, fill with seed suited for native birds and… read more

The Scoop On Christmas Trees

The Scoop On Christmas Trees

Christmas trees can be a popular sight around the holidays. Decorated, bright and attention grabbing, they can make a room sparkle. If you are planning on having a Christmas tree, you may wonder which type is best, a living or fake one. Personal preferences can develop for either, as some prefer the look and aroma of the real deal and some may like the ease factor associated with faux versions. Either choice can have environmental concerns. Real Christmas Trees Christmas tree farms can be a beautiful site. However this- eventually turns into this: Though they are beautiful when freshly cut,… read more

Can Trees Grow And Thrive In Zero-G?


When it comes to long-term space travel, such as the “100 Year Starship” initiative, there’s just not enough room to bring pre-packaged food for the entire duration of the trip, which means organic, garden-grown fruits and veggies are on the menu. The only problem is that plants need gravity in order for the roots to create a foundation for the plant to grow. In space, this can be accomplished in several ways, with the easiest being a “prod” of sorts from the grower. Once the roots have taken place, the astronaut reaches and plucks the top of the plant and… read more

Turn Junk Into Artful Installations


Many items commonly identified as junkyard fodder can be salvaged and converted into unique decorations around your yard. In doing so, these aged possessions stand proud as personal relics in which you can fondly look upon with cherished memories. Cars can, for example,  be filled with living hood ornaments, just as the one above. If you have a working car that isn’t in use, you can fill the trunk with plants instead, creating a portable garden that you can cruise through the neighborhood like your own, personal parade float showcase. Though a crown of blooms is just as fetching. Along… read more

The Ethics of Living Art


  Art is one of the most integral components of human society. Beyond enriching our minds with culture, it prompts us to ask creative and ethical questions about the very cultures we presume to be enriched by. Some of the ways it achieves this is through satire, imitation, and speculation. Other times, though, it is the art itself that is subject to ridicule, functioning less as a display of current cultural trends and instead revealing today’s innovations – those with the inevitable possibility of altering our future. Whether such a future would be accepted by the majority remains in conflict…. read more

Grow And Eat Swiss Chard For Good Health

Grow And Eat Swiss Chard For Good Health

Swiss chard is a nutrient rich vegetable, containing high levels of essential minerals and vitamins like K, A and C and is a great source of phytonutrients. It has been specified as being one of the most healthful vegetables, coming in second to spinach. This leafy produce may get overlooked amidst other greens, but giving it a try will brighten up foods and give your diet a nutritional boost. The leaves, which have a sweeter flavor, are great for adding vibrant color to salads, pastas and other dishes. The stems can also be eaten and contain glutamine. This can aid… read more

How to Benefit from Botany


Botany, which can be defined as the study of plants, is one of the main disciplines of biology. For hundreds of years, the observation of plant life has helped scientists unearth the nature of historical development. Botany has provided insight into the diets of early human settlers, and the hunter-gatherers that came before them. It has also enabled the study and use of plant properties for medicinal purposes. But botany isn’t limited to work in laboratories, nor is the practice exclusive to professional scientists. Plant life can be, with a little practice and curiosity, accessible to the observation of ordinary… read more

Gardens in Motion


Joe Baldwin has conceived of a project that would see nature installed within train cars, allowing passengers to enjoy their own personal gardens whilst they travel. It comes as part of his Open-Air Public Transportation project. Baldwin, a graduate of UIC Art & Design, considers himself an artist of new media. The ‘new’ here referring not always to the materials used but new in concept. The plants are themselves from a sophisticated lineage, however, they are continually growing in new blooms, and thus, display a fresh perception of materials stemming from a primitive age. The Open-Air Public Transport project was… read more

Self-Monitored Gardens


The Greener Cities project, winner of the “Smart Cities, Smart Climate” challenge, proposes a way in which urban gardeners can poses the ability to know the state of their plants as they change. The class challenge was part of the larger International Space Apps Challenge, organized by NASA. It was designed to encourage public participation in the discovery of environmental connections with data-sets, such as traffic accidents; doing so using existing data, such as public health records. Greener Cities achieves this in three steps. First, the project introduces garden monitors, which will serve as low-cost sensors for urban planters. Secondly,… read more

Leaf Artists Make Natural Wonders More Amazing

Leaf Artists Make Natural Wonders More Amazing

Leaves are a natural outdoor exhibition, with their splendid and changing colors. Working with leaves as their materials, some crafty individuals have found a way to capture their everyday brilliance, but with a twist. This leaf art transforms the natural beauty of leaves into spectacular designs. Tang Chiew Ling creates whimsical images with different foliage. Arranging them around his drawings to make neat presentations, they are fun to look at. Lorenzo M. Durán is another artist that makes intricate designs in natural materials. His leaf carvings are remarkable. Initially the canvas was his display material, but after experimenting with a… read more