Cleanse Your Kidneys


Many people are too busy to eat a home cooked meal every night of the week or watch every item of food that goes into their body. So, here is how you can redeem yourself for some of the things  you have eaten. Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salts, poisons and most other things that are unwanted in your body.  Needless to say, our kidneys are holding up their end of the deal.  They do their fair share, now let’s do ours. Over time, salts and other wastes accumulate and need to undergo… read more

Software That Shows How A Living Cell Works

Software That Shows How A Living Cell Works

Developments in medical research can provide significant discoveries that lead to innovative applications in the real world. Researchers from Stanford University have designed a new way of seeing how cells operate. They have developed an inclusive model of a specific type of bacterium, a single-celled microbe called Mycoplasma genitalium. The computer based simulator replicates a single-celled organism and demonstrates how it works. The program includes entire sets of data from over 3,000 model simulations that show development and division processes. The video provides a glimpse into the whole-cell model. This impressive endeavor is made accessible by the creators through WholeCellViz,… read more

Researchers Create Body Atlas Of Human Emotions

Researchers Create Body Atlas Of Human Emotions

Emotions play into our everyday lives and are wide-ranging. Research looking into human emotions is helpful in furthering understanding of how we are all wired. Emotional states can produce various physiological changes, and a new study showed that emotions are connected to certain reactions that can be measured in the body. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 701 participants were involved in the study which included body mapping assessments as related to certain human emotions. The reactions were found to be similarly felt across the participants, who resided in different parts of the globe. Language and… read more

I’m Healthy, But…….

Eating healthily

You want to be healthier but you don’t like brown rice. If you prefer white grains, try Jasmine rice instead. Though white Jasmine rice isn’t as beneficial as brown rice, it doesn’t metabolize into sugar the way standard white rice does. Basmati rice is also a better option than packaged white rice. Both Jasmine and Basmati are of the long grain variety and have a lower glycemic index. You want to be healthier but you still drink soda. Lucky for you, nature (paired with some health conscious soda lovers) has created a natural, calorie free soda. They call it Zevia…. read more

Dip into Nature, Not Chlorine

natural pools

The next time you take a swim, consider what you are diving into. It is known that chlorine and other chemicals are commonly used to disinfect swimming pools. But with natural, chlorine free options available, why expose your health to these chemicals? Beyond turning hair green, chlorine also reacts to bodily fluids, including sweat and urine. When combined, toxic breakdown products, called chloramines, are formed. Another of chlorine’s most common effects is eye irritation. This isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that we continue to immerse ourselves, eyes open, into a pool of the stuff. You can cool off in a… read more

Zucchini, Not Bland At All


The zucchini is packed with Vitamin C and A, as well as folate, which are powerful antioxidants that help fight oxidative stress that can lead to many different types of cancer. It has effective anti-inflammatory agents and with magnesium and potassium, the zucchini helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Maganesium can help collagen to form, thus allowing for healthy skin and wound-healing. Zucchini is often maligned as a boring vegetable without a strong flavour of its own. But this receipe can be served hot or cold and is a great meat free meal. Chilled Zucchini Soup Olive oil Butter 1… read more

Try These Recipes For Hectic Weekday Breakfasts

Try These Recipes For Hectic Weekday Breakfasts

If busy weekday mornings have everyone rushing around and skimping on healthy breakfasts, the following recipes are easy to make and use on hand ingredients. Perfect for making ahead and storing, these will get you through hurried and active starts to the day. Muesli is a great alternative to cereal and can be made to include favorite ingredients. It can also be made gluten-free. This recipe is a rendition of a 20th century original from Switzerland. It incorporates hearty whole oats, wheat germ, wheat bran and flaxseeds for a nutritional boost. Additions like kiwis, orange juice, raisins, yogurt, pecans, almonds… read more

New Gel Invention Stops Bleeding Instantly


A ‘Star Trek’ future is nearly upon us. A 20-year old NYU student has invented a gel that heals injured skin almost instantly, stopping blood flow and clotting the wound. Check out the video: As stated in the video, this gel has amazing potential to revolutionize the medical field. For those with naturally thin blood, this gel is a miracle worker. Paramedics will now also be able to stop a patient from bleeding out while on the way to the operating table, as will combat medics, field doctors, etc. We hope to see the gel hit pharmacies in the near… read more

Grow Winter Greens

Grow Winter Greens

The cold winter months can actually lend to a versatile growing season for many hearty plants. A winter garden does not require too much space and many herbs and vegetables can also be grown in containers. However, many cold weather plants need to be rooted in the ground in order to flourish. Plants will need to be well covered under a protective barrier, such as cold frames or row covers, in the winter months. An encasing helps to shield delicate leaves from frosting and traps in heat. A good multipurpose herb to have around is wintergreen. Its oil, which also… read more

Raw Transformations


The health benefits associated with a balanced raw food diet are numerous and include a healthier weight and reduced fatigue. But aside from bright eyes and luminous skin, raw food diets have been shown to improve the well being in individuals with serious chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia and diabetes. The former, often defined by overactive nerves and constant, widespread pain, can be debilitating to those afflicted and currently has no cure. However, improvement has been found in cases with diet changes and daily exercise regimes. While each individual is sensitive to different foods, many people with fibromyalgia have felt… read more