Healthy Snacks You May Want To Try

Healthy Snacks You May Want To Try

Snack foods can often be unhealthy, but hard to resist when a craving strikes. The following are a few go-to recipes that are nutritious but have just the right amount of flavor to satisfy an emergent appetite. Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, are nutritious alone or in one of their more popular forms, in hummus. For a different spin, this recipe for roasted chickpeas makes a crunchy snack that is good for you. Just rinse the beans well before using them, toss with olive oil, salt and other favorite seasonings. This recipe calls for oregano, garlic powder, crushed red pepper… read more

Home Remedy Secrets


Outside of your medicine cabinet exists a wide variety of natural remedies. The spice cabinet – or any other storage unit harboring herbs and condimental knickknacks is a treasure trove. Delightful as they are sprinkled in soups and cookies, spices and herbs have many talents beyond food embellishment. For thousands of years, they have been used in medicine and their use is still relevant, as many of the same ailments affect our health today. Initially spices and herbs seem different. Spices through their bold pigmentation and alluring scents provoke exotic visions of faraway lands, while herbs contain a certain familiarity that… read more

Build A Backyard Grape Arbor

Build A Backyard Grape Arbor

Consuming grapes has several health benefits as they are high in many essential nutrients. Rich in manganese, they are potent antioxidants and have proven cardiovascular system benefits. Organically grown grapes, unlike conventional varieties, do not have the extra worry of contaminated soil and water runoff from pesticide residuals. Installing a grape arbor in the backyard can be done on a budget. With a little research, planning and building a main structural support system, establishing a successful start for a grapevine is a project that will pay off. Garden Guides has ideas for basic construction materials to use for a grape trellis. A… read more

Eat It, Skin And All


Eating fruit and vegetables is universally acknowledged as an important part of a healthy diet. However there are a few ways in which you can maximise the goodness you get from them. The skin of most fruits and vegetables contains a lot of vital nutrients, including the fiber. A typical red apple contains at least 2 grams of fiber and 6 grams of calcium if eaten whole. If, however you peeled your apple first, your intake would be 1.8 grams of fiber and the calcium level is cut in half. This may seem like a minor variance but remember that a… read more

More Than Brain Food

Brain Food

Adopting behaviors that are healthy is something to strive for. A lot of the time, we may focus on the outward appearance for clues as to what needs to be fixed. However, there is a major area that we can tend to forget about, but is essential for the health of our entire system – our brains. Research has long shown that a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and nutrient dense foods, but low in fats and cholesterol, can be effective for brain health and can work preventatively to decrease disease and increase the life span. In combination with… read more

Share Your Harvest

Excess crops to share

Unstable access to food should not be blamed on a lack of resources, but rather the lack of their distribution. Every day, over 50 million Americans live with food insecurity, relying on food pantries as their main supplier of nutrition. Sustained largely by donations of canned and packaged goods, food pantries (also known as “food cupboards” or “food shelves”) are rarely able to offer visitors fresh produce. In addition, the food banks that supply the pantries have less frequent delivery dates than a grocery store would, making a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables impossible. Meanwhile, over 40 million… read more

What It’s Like Using A Treadmill Desk


In recent years, the active lifestyle trend has taken America by storm, and though we’re still posting record numbers as the world’s fattest country (Go USA!), we’re doing our best. One of the trends you may have seen rise and fall is that of the treadmill desk. It basically works exactly as it sounds — a desk where you walk on a treadmill to exercise while attempting to work. The folks at Business Insider decided to give the concept a spin, and here’s how it worked out for them:

Pressure On to Remove BVO From Soft Drinks


After pressure from online campaigns and outraged consumers, PepsiCo finally removed the controversial BVO, or Brominated Vegetable Oil, from their Gatorade products. Now, sport drink consumers are asking Powerade to do the same. Brominated vegetable oil is a patented flame retardant and has been linked with negative health effects, including memory loss, skin lesions, and nerve disorders. All are caused by too much bromine exposure. Because of the health concerns surrounding it, brominated vegetable oil has already been banned in Japan and Europe. Yet many U.S. soft drink and sport drink companies still have products containing BVO, as up to… read more

Could Climate Change Alter Your Cup of Tea?

Could Climate Change Alter Your Cup of Tea?

As we learn more about climate change and its effects, there is one area that may not readily come to mind: the tea industry. Supposedly, a cup of tea in some areas in China may begin to taste a little different. Climate change and its difference in temperatures and rainfall levels is said to be responsible for altering some agricultural systems, and tea fields may also be susceptible. Other significant changes like antioxidant levels, and even the scent of the tea leaves, are reportedly subject to variances. Researchers from Tufts University are looking into how this favored beverage might be… read more

This Test Can Identify GMO’s In Food

This Test Can Identify GMO’s In Food

Growing concerns over genetically modified foods have many consumers on the lookout for more information. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs’) may be added to some foods to increase their beneficial properties. For instance, to boost nutrient levels or to make crops less susceptible to insects. Many in the food industry adhere to current labeling guidelines, accurately stating the contents in their products and whether or not they are GMO free. However, both consumers and regulatory expectations are demanding more detailed information to be inclusive of all food products. Researchers have zoned in on this concern, and have actually developed an interesting… read more