Green Thanksgiving

Sharing and preparing for Thanksgiving

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for your Green Thanksgiving is to go local. Local not only will help support your local farms but the use of local products does not have to be driven across the country to get to you. Check for farmers’ markets, family farms, community-supported agriculture programs and U-Pick options in your area for the freshest produce, eggs, dairy and grass-fed meat. When shopping use reusable shopping bags to cut down on the waste polluting the oceans. Portion control can be a huge key to a successful Green Thanksgiving. Over… read more

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies

We all use medicine for one thing or another, but there are other alternatives that offer a safe, more natural way of aid. These natural remedies will do an equal job, if not better. Give these five remedies a try and see which ones are right for you. 1) Colds – When the first signs of sniffles start, take oil leaf extract. The symptoms will be much less severe and will not last as long. Not many people are aware of this natural product as it is not manufactured by large companies. It is sold mainly in health food shops… read more

Walnuts: A Healthy Choice


Walnuts are nutritional powerhouses, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients. Nutrients found in walnuts help to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, gallstones, certain cancers, and type 2 diabetes. Although all nuts provide health benefits, a recent study found that walnuts are the richest in antioxidants (American Chemical Society, 2011). According to the George Mateljan Foundation (2012), nearly 95% of people don’t eat any tree nuts at all, which is unfortunate because those who do eat nuts consume significantly more fiber, potassium, calcium, and magnesium than their nut-avoiding counterparts. Research indicates that… read more

Strawberries – So Healthy

Healthy strawberries

The beautiful strawberry. So pretty to look at and so healthy too! Eating one cup of strawberries contains only 43 calories! They also curb overeating. Strawberries contain a lot of Vitamin C, so fantastic to ward off common colds and flu. They contain a lot of fibre to help keep you regular and lower blood pressure. Packed with phenols which have anti-oxidant properties. The phenols have anti-inflammatory agents also. Strawberries modify our blood cholesterol profile, where cholesterol is absorbed in the intestines before it can be processed by the liver. Is said to fight cancer because of the combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents…. read more

The Beauty of Meditation


Meditation is a simple technique which facilitates the return to a child-like state of presence, inner peace and stability. In the Western world, where walking around stressed and anxious is completely normal and the resulting health problems are rampant, Meditation, the ancient and timeless practice of deep conscious relaxation, is gaining popularity like never before. Meditation v Medication While prescription medicines like anti-depressants can be of enormous relief to sufferers of stress-related disorders in the short term; they do not treat the source of the imbalances and are therefore impermanent. This is why many doctors say clinical depression is incurable,… read more

Growing a Winter Garden

Growing vegetables in winter

Growing your own food is not just for warmer, sunnier months. Produce can be grown during cooler periods with a few materials and sun power. Considering produce found on the shelves throughout colder seasons can sometimes be lackluster and overpriced, a winter garden may be worth cultivating. Though a bit of invention is needed to sustain a garden in cold climates, it can be done. Having one was routine in past eras out of necessity, where some sort of planting had to be going on at all times in order to make sure there would be enough food to eat…. read more

Embryo Research

Playing God with embryos

In the United States, researchers at the Oregon Health & Sciences University announced that they have successfully created an embryo with genes from one male and two females. This controversial technique is believed to one day prevent babies from birthing with incurable diseases. British researchers in 2008 were the first to announce this medical breakthrough, though it was a very early attempt, and virtually zero safety measures were in place to justify large-scale implementation. Due to the nature of this breakthrough, the British government asked for public opinion on the provocative procedure before deciding on whether or not to continue. Headlines… read more

What Leaves Reveal


Leaves can seem little more than accessories to flowers and trees. However, they provide much more than colorful foliage or shaded escapes. They are essential to a plant’s health and we can benefit a lot from learning about the role leaves play in plant life. Doing so allows you to identify not only the condition of your plants, but of your living environment. It is true, plants need a good plot of land and plenty of sun. But they are also fueled by sugar. Leaves are essential in supplying them with the sugar they need as their blades are like nets of… read more

Eat Better Cakes

Eat healthy cakes

Cakes have been made and eaten around the world in celebrations for many ages. Birthday cakes are an annual custom that sprang up around the 19th century as did more widespread consumption of cakes, according to food historians. Although they have changed a lot from their introduction they are now considered a dessert staple, either in their most basic form or decorated beyond the imagination. Whether supplying the cake for the party or just wanting to serve up a better one at home, you can have smarter celebrations starting with the edible centerpiece. If you bake a lot of cakes,… read more

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is said to be one of the most powerful yoga practises there is. It was introduced to the west by Yogi Bhajan and it incorporates the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of human self. The practice is a combination of powerful breathing techniques, postures, mantras and meditation which apparently help you to unlock your true potential. Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness, focuses on unlocking the creative spiritual potential. There is an emphasis on upholding values, speaking the truth, and focusing on compassion and consciousness. It is about preparing you to face the world with confidence. Now, don’t… read more