Homemade Facial Cleansers

Homemade Facial Cleansers

Many facial cleansers contain unnecessary or even irritating additives. Making naturally based cleansers at home is simple and often only requires a few ingredients. Below are some organic recipes for homemade facial cleansers that can be modified to meet specific skin care needs. Natural Beauty Community has many recipes for natural cleansers applicable for various skin types and facial issues. A suitable one for many is lavender facial cleanser which uses an oil method for gentle cleaning and only involves 4 ingredients. Lavender, grape seed, geranium and rose essential oils are all blended, then can be massaged onto the skin… read more

The Anatomy of a Twinkie

Anatomy of A Twinkie

With the closing down of the Hostess brand in the U.S. this article may well be the autopsy of a Twinkie. But of course, its many imitators live on, along with continued production of authentic Twinkies in Canada, and countless other products that contain the same, unidentifiable ingredients. Years before financial troubles plagued the Hostess company, one man, Steve Ettlinger, was prompted by the inquiries of his children to find out what really goes into processed food. The outcome was the book, “Twinkie, Deconstructed”, and its findings prove interesting, to say the least. Of course, Twinkies are just a poster-child… read more

Coffee Grounds Making Fires Eco Friendly

Friendly Fires

What could be more romantic than a cozy fire? A crackling fireplace has long been embedded in our ideal of a home. The only downside to this woodsy comfort is the numerous pollutants released when the lumber is burned. One of these pollutants is carbon monoxide. Among many things, carbon monoxide can contribute to the development of cancer. It has no odor or color, which makes it hard for people to detect until they have been harmfully affected by it. But for those who still wish to benefit from fire’s warmth and whimsy, there are other ways to go about it…. read more

Why Barley Is Better

Barley (Hordeum vugare L.) at Gatersleben

Whole grains provide many health benefits, but not everyone likes whole wheat in breads and baked goods. For those who find whole wheat unappealing, there are plenty of other whole grain options, including barley. Barley has an interesting history. In ancient Egypt, it was used in religious ceremonies and in ancient Rome, gladiators were known as Barley Men because they believed that eating barley enhanced their strength and stamina. Barley also formed the basis of the English measuring system whereby an inch was equivalent to three grains of barley placed lengthwise, end to end, and all other measures were built… read more

The Many Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral Make Up

Modern mineral make up is planet friendly and not contaminated with lead and synthetics. Mineral makeup contains all-natural ingredients such as seed oil, flower extract, titanium dioxide and mica. Mica and other minerals are naturally occurring and have been praised for their color for centuries – the ancient Egyptians enjoyed wearing mica. With mineral makeup there are no synthetic colors, artificial fragrances or petrochemicals. Additionally, mineral makeup is a natural UVA/B ray blocker. Many companies now offer mineral solutions in makeup. Companies like MAC and Origins sell different products with about 80% minerals that are all natural. Other companies such… read more

All Natural Homemade Cold Cream

Cold cream is used to dissolve and remove makeup and for softening the skin. A 2nd century physician from Greece, Galen, is accredited to developing the first known cold cream. Making your own lavish blend at home will provide an inexpensive, natural beauty treatment that doesn’t contain alcohol, dyes, fragrances or other harsh chemicals that aren’t good for the skin. There are a few versions of Galen’s basic recipe, but it is mostly stated as a combination of pure beeswax for softening the skin, extra virgin olive oil and pure rosewater. The oil cleanses and nourishes and the rosewater gently tones… read more

12 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Eco Gift Guide 2013

Want to show a little appreciation on Mother’s Day with a gift she will love? Presents with the added bonus of being ecologically mindful are especially thoughtful. Consider the following ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that carry a meaningful message. 1. Sustainable Jewelry Handcrafted jewelry is always a nice touch, and pieces that are sustainably made will be even more appreciated. Acorn and Archer has eye-catching selections made from salvaged woods and recycled resources. For mixed metal and silver designs, alice roche jewelry features polished products made with reclaimed materials. 2. Handbags and Purses Moms need bags for all of the things they have to carry around. REVEAL… read more

Ecopsychology: A Reminder to Balance

Ecopsychology: A Reminder to Balance

With the onset of the needed and welcomed green movement, we are finally coming to the realization that we cannot continue to live in a man-made state of perpetual convenience at the expense of the environment. The field of ecopsychology reminds us that our mental health is on the same plane as our outer surroundings, and they are both in need of balance. One of the fundamental premises of ecopsychology is the unison of the state of mind with the environment. According to this school of thought, many ecological issues in the world can be traced back to our unhinging… read more

Is Your Baby As Safe As You’d Like?

Keeping Baby Safe

Although we no longer have to worry about lead exposure and poisoning from pencils, there are still measures that have to be taken to decrease your child’s exposure to toxins and other harmful substances. Hot tap water, for instance, tends to loosen all the grime in the faucet and carry them into your cup. Yet many people either fill their baby’s bottles with hot tap water or microwave cold tap water. The latter increases your infant’s radiation exposure among other things. To be safe of both, fill your baby’s bottle with cold or room temperature water that has been boiled… read more

Alternatives to Traditional Tattoo Inks

Alternatives to Traditional Tattoo Inks

Tattoos can be visually absorbing, but many may not think of the ingredients in the inks and their possible effects. There are many risks associated with getting tattoos, and possible poisons in the ink are only one of them. Inks vary, but can contain toxic heavy metals including lead, cadmium, chromium and arsenic, among many others. Red inks have some of the highest levels of contaminants which can include mercury. These are all environmental and human health hazards. The American Environmental Safety Institute has given the example of an index card, which is 3 inches/7.6 centimeters by 5 inches/12.7 centimeters… read more