Eco-Friendly Beauty


As part of GE’s “Ecomagination” YouTube contest back in 2010, a young contestant came up with a unique, eco-friendly method of curling hair. It’s received over a million hits so far, and gained a lot of positive feedback. Check out Michelle Phan’s video below. Have a thought? Share it in the comments below.

Making It Clean With Homemade Soaps

Making It Clean With Homemade Soaps

Sensitive skin, irritating fragrances and expensive prices are some reasons to consider making homemade soap. Store bought soaps can contain synthetic chemicals that can be aggravating. Also, antibacterial soaps containing triclosan, an antimicrobial agent that was initially listed as a pesticide, have been under scrutiny for potentially causing developmental and health problems. Making homemade soap means that any recipe can be tailored to suit personal preferences or address specific skin conditions. Soap crafting can be perfected by the skilled soap maker, but it can also be done by novices. There are countless recipes for do it yourself soaps requiring varying… read more

The Gun That Creates Living Tissue


For years, scientists have been able to graft skin tissue to cover up burns, lesions, etc. What they haven’t been able to do, however, is properly grow new skin cells over burnt ones. Behold, the Star Trek-esque future we’re about to enter. A researcher has successfully created a “skin gun” that takes healthy skin cells and grows new skin over dead/burnt tissue. Over a dozen patients so far have successfully been treated by the “gun”, and clinical tests are underway to make this treatment available worldwide. Check out the awesome video below to see the gun in practice. Have a thought?… read more

Whimsical Coffee Swaps


We live in an era of excess, and coffee is no exception. It can be found in coffee houses, hospitals, diners, cafes, and virtually all offices in the developed world. But this was not the case, and during the 18th and 19th centuries the value of coffee was significantly higher. Thus, families often only drank it on Sundays, a day that is unquestionably sacred in many cultures. However, this isn’t to imply they simply went without. Instead, many alternatives were used to capture the fundamental – and often caffeine-free – joys of coffee – some even went so far as… read more

DIY Natural Men’s Skincare

DIY Natural Men’s Skincare

Some over the counter men’s products can further irritate skin conditions caused from weather exposure and shaving. These do it yourself recipes address men’s particular skincare routines and possible issues. They are all natural, no fuss and can be made right at home. Crunchy Betty’s recipe for MANhand Salve is perfect for dry, cracked hands and other problem areas. First, an herbal infusion is made with essential oils like almond, sunflower or apricot and herbs such as comfrey, peppermint or chamomile, which have healing properties. After the mixture is allowed to permeate for a few weeks, or placed in a… read more

Lesser Known Benefits of Coffee


Many of us consume coffee in one form or another on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Of its multiple virtues, coffee is often desired for its aroma, flavor, and energy-boosting properties. Beyond that, we’ve known that coffee reduces the risks of cancer and type 2 diabetes. It also makes you smarter, temporarily at least, by blocking the neurotransmitters that make you sleepy and thus, functioning at a lower cognitive level. Indeed, some may believe the benefits of coffee to be bottomless. But until we decipher them all, here are a few of coffee’s lesser known affects on the human… read more

Make Your Own Natural Fragrance


More than a pleasant stimulant for the nasal cavities, what permeates from natural perfumes is a superior quality that surpasses the novel romanticism of  a more glamorous era. Certainly, scents are the strongest provocateurs of memories. But they can be better used to define your present self. Rather than clinging to pungent residues in search of a past comfort, let your fragrance carry you forward, allowing that scent to herald loud your arrival before you’ve even stepped foot into a room as its lightly wafting bouquet proceeds you. Natural scents are additionally desirable due to their accessibility, which allows you… read more

Blue Zones, What’s Their Secret?

Blue Zones, What’s Their Secret?

There are certain regions in the world where people tend to live longer, be healthier and report greater life satisfaction. For almost 10 years Dan Buettner has been examining these places, and trying to understand what advantages or environmental differences exist in them. In collaboration with National Geographic, experts in their fields and researchers who specialize in long life spans, they have looked into these sections of the world and their inhabitants. In order to find the top zones, the team investigated 3 global databases involving factors of well-being. Looking at a 95% representative sample of the total world population,… read more

Air Fresheners Or Air Poisoners?

Air Freshener Or POisoner

We are fed many advertising ‘untruths’ but one stands out. Air Fresheners suggests that these spray cans can actually “clean” or “freshen” the air that we breathe. How anything can be fresher than oxygen! There are numerous ways in which fresheners work. They either contain a nerve-deadening chemical that affects your ability to smell, coats your nasal passage with an oily film, covers one smell with another or by breaking down the bad odour. What is most dangerous about these sprays is that the chemicals, when mixed with ozone, can sometimes create Formaldehyde, a known poison which is carcinogenic. Some… read more

The Edible Wild


Whether you wish to expand your palette with more adventurous fare or simply want to be informed in case you should encounter a period spent with limited resources, foraging the wilderness for subsistence can be an enlightening and perhaps even life-saving experience. But first, you must know which plants are suitable sources of nutrition and which to avoid. While there are a variety of fungi and other edible plants dotting forests and sometimes your own yard, their credentials are extensive, and it is all too easy to mistake a poisonous species for a harmless one. Thus, we shall focus our… read more