Do You Take A Multivitamin?

Do You Take A Multivitamin?

If so, it is possible you may be wasting your money, according to recent research. 52% of Americans take a multivitamin, and sales are expected to reach over 11 billion in the upcoming year. However, the vitamin industry is probably scrambling to vamp up their marketing and public relations efforts, as 3 new studies recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine have all concluded that taking a daily vitamin provides practically no benefits for the majority of those who take them. The studies all concluded that routine vitamin use has little or no effects against the risks of cardiovascular… read more

Save Strawberry Seeds

Strawberry Seeds

Picked ripe and eaten alone or put in a luscious recipe, strawberries are a favorite of many. Beyond just eating the berry though, the strawberry’s seeds can be put to practical use, too. Harvesting strawberry seeds allows heirloom plants to be grown that will produce an abundance of strawberries. You can buy starter plants or packaged seeds, but the seeds can easily be removed from the berries’ skin just by gently scraping them off. The outside of a strawberry contains around 200 seeds. Some varieties of seeds need to be frozen first to encourage the germination process, and then they… read more

Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Solutions

eco friendly lunchboxes

Disposable is out, reusable is in! More students are taking on the goal of being eco –friendly for their environment and using reusable containers rather than paper sacks. Below are a few options to be eco sensible and safely carry your lunch to school. Frego is a shatter resistant glass bowl fitted with a silicone sleeve and double seal softsnap lid. No BPA. No PVC. No Polystyrene. No Lead. Frego’s borosilicate glass offers better thermal range than most commonly used consumer glass products available today. Frego glass is safe from -40 °F up to 465 °F. BUILT NY’s kids lunch… read more

U. S. To Phase Out Some Antibiotics In Animal Feed

U. S. To Phase Out Some Antibiotics In Animal Feed

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently instated a proposal that would begin to eliminate the antibiotics used for non-medical purposes in animal feed in the U.S. Their plan is to initiate a voluntary process in which the feed products containing antibiotics used solely for enhanced growth and food production would be phased out. Antibiotics used for enhancement purposes are put in animal feed or drinking water in order to make the animals gain weight quickly. It is also used to reduce the amount of food that is needed to increase bulk in the animals. It is commonly used… read more

Onions, More Than Simply Flavoring Food


Onions are a versatile vegetable with a high nutritional value. Onions are thought to prevent cancer, diabetes, and even the common cold. But onions can also be used around the home in place of harsh chemicals and aerosols. Here are some uses you may not have thought of.. Make DIY Dye: Onions make brilliant all natural dyes. Simply place the skins of the onion in a nylon bag and boil for about 30 minutes. Soothe a sore throat: Onions make a fantastic tea that with the natural antioxidants helps fight infection. Using the peels bring the water to a boil, remove… read more

Veggie Stamp Art Fun

We want kids to eat their vegetables and fruits, but sometimes they may not finish all of their servings. Stamp projects using leftover produce and paint are a fun way to use up table scrap waste. You may not feel as good as if they would have actually eaten their veggies, but perhaps won’t feel as bad as if they were just thrown out. The parts of produce that are not used for cooking can make great stamps. The ends of celery stalks, onions or cabbages for instance, can be dipped in paints to make flowers or other fascinating shapes. Fresh… read more

These Five Foods Don’t Have A Shelf Life


In our modern times of artificial preservation, these five natural foods defy the space-time continuum and keep unspoiled through the ages. Honey Discovered in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pyramids were found pots of honey, all of them several thousand years old but still edible today. The honey had been covered securely in their pots, which definitely played a contributing factor in its seemingly eternal shelf life. Since honey is a sugar, its chemical properties allow it to suck up moisture in the most dry of areas, where organisms that could spoil the honey would not be able to survive… read more

Indoor DIY Greenhouse

Countertop Greenhouses

Greenhouses have been put to use for centuries in order to provide extended growing seasons and for protective storage capabilities. By trapping sunlight inside and capturing warming energy they make ideal environments for starting seedlings and growing plants all year long. With a space-saving countertop greenhouse, the benefits of having a garden can be applied on a smaller-scale indoors providing a continual supply of greenery. These can be bought pre-made and can include glass or plastic frames. Kits can also be purchased, or you can construct your own with a bit of crafting skill and some basic materials. provides directions with… read more

Water Gets Some Attention With These 2 Products

Water Gets Some Attention With These 2 Products

Drinking water is essential, and sometimes extra steps are needed to get enough of it to meet the requirements. Whether filtering for added safety or enhancing it to make it more flavorful, the products available in the water market are wide ranging. The Soma water filtration system contains a unique biodegradable filter that is made from Malaysian coconut shell carbon and silk layers. Its casing is plant based and the combination of materials creates a natural filtering mechanism. It is supposed to make water safer as well as taste fresher and crisper. The filter system comes with a glass carafe that… read more

Can Product Labeling Alter Taste?

Can Product Labeling Alter Taste?

Food and beverage packaging are scrutinized and marketing tactics are fully employed long before the products hit the shelves. It is not a secret that product packaging can impact sales decisions, but can it make a difference in the way your cup of coffee tastes? According to a study investigating the subject, it may actually be a possibility. Published in PLOS ONE, results from the article titled Who Needs Cream and Sugar When There Is Eco-Labeling? Taste and Willingness to Pay for “Eco-Friendly” Coffee showed some interesting consumer behavior. The study looked into whether or not coffee that was labeled as “ecofriendly”… read more