Think Before You Pack

Think Before you Pack

Travel enriches our lives, broadens our minds, and enlightens us to the reality of other nations. By exposing the customs of one nation to an other, travel introduces the likelihood for change. This can lead to the improved welfare of humans, gender equality, the implementation of environmentally sound practices, and the protection and conservation of animals and other wildlife. One of the largest factors in influencing such change is how we travel. If done right, strong foreign bonds can be made. Before you travel, make sure you prepare and pack appropriately. Suitcases don’t need to be stuffed with shoes and gadgets, just filled to a comfortable amount with… read more

Rail Travel a Better Option


Since the invention of the automobile, many have fantasized taking to the open road on a cross country trip through America.Traveling on the “Mother Road” of Route 66 or any other artery paved with legends and intrigue. It is true, the United States are vast, and can hardly be explored justly by airplane and its borders only traced by ship. But cars are not superior chariots of travel and transportation. As rail travel still reigns, long from the days of steam engines, in the sleek and efficient form of Amtrak trains. Amtrak is currently the only inter city railway system… read more

Travel and Learn

The Learning Journey

Travel as education is a time-honoured tradition. In some cultures, it has even assumed the status of initiation into adulthood. Right now, it’s holiday season and that means – whether through a rite of passage or a holiday vacation – people all over the world are traveling near and far. Whether you’re beaching it on Queensland’s Gold Coast or off for a weekend in Lake Tahoe, Paris or Istanbul – whenever we travel, we participate in tourism, one of the world’s largest industries. We also have the opportunity to participate in learning and action that can help save the world! But… read more

Tremors in Hawaii

Tremors on Hawaii

Over 30 small earthquakes shook the island of Hawaii in late December 2012. These tremors are signs of magma moving underground, feeding two ongoing eruptions at Kilauea volcano. A sticky, slow-moving stream of lava called pahoehoe is crossing the coastal plain east of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, dripping into the ocean and creating a delta. The lava flow is 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) wide, according to a statement from the U.S Geological Survey’s Hawaii Volcano Observatory. Lava entering the ocean builds lava deltas. The lava delta and adjacent areas are some of the most hazardous areas on the flow field…. read more

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse

Humans have always been fascinated by flight. This, in combination with a desire to construct a greener technology to do so, culminated in the first ever aeronautical adventure of its kind. An aircraft called Solar Impulse, created and navigated by two men from Switzerland, has managed to fly around the world on shear solar power. It is the brainchild of André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, and is true ingenuity in motion. Though there have been other solar inventions capable of flight, this is the first solely sun-powered airplane that can also be flown at night. This is due to the… read more

Still Reliant on Nature

Travelling for traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is still used in many African communities in the present day. The blending of numerous herbs is usually a science not recorded in text books, but passed on from one traditional healer to another through either apprenticeships or informal training. Although western medicine is available in most communities, there are still people who prefer to use traditional medicine for many reasons including religious beliefs and economic circumstances. As mentioned above, traditional healers generally do not have any form of formal training. However the process of blending the medicine they use is quite complex in that it involves a… read more

5th Highest Global Temps

Photo Credit: NOAA

The globally-averaged temperature for November 2012 marked the fifth warmest November since record keeping began in 1880. November 2012 also marks the 36th consecutive November and 333rd consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20th century average. Most areas of the world experienced higher-than-average monthly temperatures, including far eastern Russia, Australia, the central and western United States, northern Africa, and most of Europe and western Asia. Meanwhile, central Asia, Alaska, much of western and central Canada, and the eastern United States were most notably cooler than average. The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for November… read more

Finding Good Food


We all have to eat, so how do you find the best food? With endless items on the shelves and numerous grocery store chains, how do you even begin to find out where your food really comes from? Though strolling through farmer’s markets and dining at local eateries sounds great, it doesn’t always fit into a busy day. Often, we have to grab and go. There are still a few ways to take charge of your available options and find good food. If you are the designated shopper or are on the move a lot, you may want to look… read more

The US To Embrace Biking?

Cycling in the City

As a potential solution to combat the rising dangers and costs associated with climate change, many have advocated for a biking revolution in America, similar to European biking cultures such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The benefits are numerous: less traffic on the roads making it easier for public and commercial transportation to get where they need to go; less carbon emissions from vehicles; a healthier population; cheaper fuel costs, etc. There are problems associated with a biking revolution, but most of those are logistical issues such as bike paths and how to incorporate travel via bicycle into the current transportation… read more

Austin City Limits

ACL Festival Logo

Austin is always light years ahead of the rest of Texas. The Austin City Limits festival is making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint and be as environmentally friendly as possible. The festival currently makes large numbers of trash and recycling bins available with high visibility throughout the grounds. The organizers of the festival suggest strong use of public transportation, bicycles and on foot. Shuttle buses make the round trip from downtown Austin to the main entrance of the festival all day long. Plenty of bike racks are available for those that plan to ride their bicycles to the… read more