Camping Gets A Charge

Camping Gets A Charge

Camping excursions without proper gear can be problematic. However, some high tech wonders that will only be a camper’s dream for most have moved past the idea phase and onto the drawing board. Not yet reaching into the world of available merchandise, these concept products would step up camping convenience a notch. One item that would have the power to literally transform an outdoor stay is the Orange™ Solar Tent. This idea combines solar power and turns a normal tent into a charging station for mobile devices. The design is constructed of sturdy photovoltaic fabric to help capture and store… read more

Artificial and Natural Alterations to the Earth

Artificial and Natural Alterations to the Earth

The earth’s water and land surfaces have changed over time, some by natural means and some by the exact opposite. Some distinctive formations are conversation striking structures, and whether they are geologically produced by Mother Nature or synthetically constructed by man, the source that can cause such a physical presence can be just as astounding. Covered in ice during cold months, the Ekati Mine in Canada operates even under completely frozen road conditions. The mine is a diamond bonanza, and so far it has birthed 40 million or so carats of them. Though mines can be major sources of income, when they are… read more

Proud and Protected


Whether home or abroad, it is helpful to visit protected sites as interest and revenue keep them alive. Conservation sites are not there to bar wildlife from everyone around it. They keep the wilderness in the area healthy so species within the site can thrive. In most cases this means protecting species from human threats, including hunters and industrial progression. Those with genuine curiosity and non-threatening intentions shouldn’t feel put off. Not only can you visit these breathtakingly unspoilt areas, there are times when you are encouraged to. Visiting conservation sites benefits them and you. In addition to the knowledge you gain, your visit helps keep the site… read more

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden Suspended From Trees

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden is Suspended From Trees

Do you have your sights set high for your summer vacation? If that’s the case you might want to check in at the gorgeous Treehotel in Sweden. Located within the pristine forests of northern Sweden, just miles away from the Arctic Circle, the Treehotel combines awesome design and eco-tourism, offering guests modern sustainable rooms suspended high up in the branches. Each of the rooms at the Treehotel is unique. They have all been prefabricated on site and designed to be modern and comfortable, creating minimal impact on the environment. Called The Cabin, The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone,… read more

Want To Be More Creative? Get Outdoors

Want To Be More Creative? Get Outdoors.

If you haven’t been getting outside enough lately, consider that carving time out in the day for doing so may enhance your creativity, among other things. Researchers from the University of Kansas looked at the effect that being immersed in nature can have on creativity. Interested in finding if being outdoors could elicit measureable brain fluctuations, they performed studies on groups of backpackers ranging in age from 18 to those in their 60’s. The research team took groups of participants on a backpacking excursion in Utah. After being given the Remote Associates Test (RAT), which is a word association assessment… read more

Make Your Ride More Energy Efficient

Make Your Ride More Energy Efficient

We don’t always get to drive the vehicle of our choice, like being able to purchase a more environmentally-minded, efficient model. There are simple ways to improve how you drive the one that you do have in order to save fuel. In addition to some of the basics, like keeping tires at proper inflation levels, not carrying around excess weight, making sure the gas cap is tight and using the correct gas and oil for your vehicle type, other not so prevalent tips may help, too. For instance, don’t overfill the gas tank at the station. Leaving room in the tank… read more

Americans Driving Less Each Year

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In 2005, driving to and from destinations was at its peak in the United States. Regardless of just how far that destination was from home, we’d hop in our Ford Explorer’s and Chevy Impala’s and chug away down the street. However, that lifestyle is fading, and we can all breath a sigh of relief. This is good news. In fact, it’s great news. Less driving in cars means more walking, biking, mass transit, you name it. Reducing our planet’s carbon levels is (or should be) priority number one for most countries, especially the worst offending ones (I’m looking at you,… read more

Reduce, Reuse and Share

Reduce, Reuse and Share

The concept of sharing is instilled in young minds through interaction and reinforcement. While learning to share seems like a childhood endeavor, it has resurfaced in the adult world in a far-reaching way. The sharing economy has been evolving, and it is now more possible than ever to share nearly anything. As people decide that it is beneficial to them and the environment, more individuals and start-ups are springing forward to foster the new sharing model. As reported by Forbes, a growth of more than 25% is expected this year across the sharing boards. Though this notion of anti-retail consumerism… read more

Traveling Smart

Smart traveling

Whether you are lucky enough to book a global adventure or content to hike through a local terrain, responsible traveling is a model to take along. You might not think about your need to explore having much of an environmental effect, but when thinking in terms of the numbers of transnational travelers each year, it helps to watch your own steps. According to the World Tourism Organization, international travel was up 5% in 2012, which was around a 22 million person increase since the previous year. That’s a lot of worldwide trekking. And while there is no way to put… read more

Window To The World

Window to the World

One international travel series stands out for its longevity and quality. Known as Globe Trekker in the U.S. or Pilot Guides in other areas such as Australia and Canada, the series by Pilot Productions focuses on global travel and exploration. Globe Trekker has been airing for around 20 years, and currently goes out to more than 30 million interested viewers. It is broadcast in more than 40 different countries, and the show has won over 50 international awards for its educational entertainment value. Each episode the narrator takes viewers on an expedition, explaining the customs and providing educational facts about the featured… read more