Your Emotional Roller Coaster Has A Purpose

Your Emotional Roller Coaster Has A Purpose

Ecopsychology, which examines human interactions with the natural world, often looks at the emotional connections that exist between them. Emotions are kind of strange when you think about them. As humans, we have a range of emotions that run through us at any given point in the day – anxiety, excitement, anger, sadness and happiness. Some of our more negative emotions at times seem to wantonly circle around us as we swat at them, curse how we feel because of them and wish them away. Occasionally we may feel we are in an ever reaching grasp, just trying to get ahold… read more

The Change in Farming Practices

Sustainable agriculture

For thousands of years, human civilizations have flourished without causing damage to the earth, co-existing alongside other species without disrupting fellow eco-systems. Despite their name, early hunter-gatherer tribes subsisted predominately on gathering. The exceptions to this were the tribes, like those in modern-day Alaska, who survived primarily by fishing. Though it is easy to picture these tribes collecting an abundance of fish, this was not the case. Not only did they limit their harvests, ensuring they took only what was needed, but they would have been encumbered by the weight of large harvests, preventing efficient travel. Because of this, resources… read more

Dark Chocolate Dips Give Snacks A Kick

Dark Chocolate Dips Give Snacks A Kick

The benefits of dark chocolate consumption are widely known, and many foods are favorite go-tos for coating in it. However, beyond the chocolate dipped strawberry and other popular choices, there are a few deliciously strange recipes floating around that offer an unexpected twist. Below are some interesting ideas for unusual things to try dipping in chocolate that will make snack time an experience for the taste-testing palate. After dipping, place items on parchment or wax paper laid out on a platter. Chill in the refrigerator or freeze for a few minutes until the chocolate is set. Spicy chocolate dipped pineapples… read more

The Human Touch

Environmental education

It might seem obvious, but because environmentalists frequently focus on big issues relating to the non-human world, it’s sometimes easy to neglect the human element in our work as environmental educators and communicators. This “human touch” is best expressed in our people skills – our interpersonal (or relationship-building) skills and our ability to work effectively with groups. Most university degrees in biological science or environmental management tend not to emphasise knowledge, skills and practice in effective group work. And yet – in the big bad world beyond the hallowed halls – much of our environmental efforts operate within communities of… read more

Apps To Go Green

Green apps

Applications or Apps have completely invaded our digital world, flooding people with information. Their ability to put so much power and choice in the hands of ordinary consumers has entirely changed human interaction with the world. Therefore as many of these apps can help you to live your life in a more environmentally sustainable way it makes sense to download a few of the following suggested apps to your smartphone. Some of the applications mentioned are free, while others cost between 0.99$ to 6$. Green Meter This iPhone/iPad app simply computes your vehicle’s power and fuel usage characteristics and helps your… read more

Once Only Tea Set

Paper Tea Set Origami by Yuya vs. Design

Yuya vs. Design is a design studio based in The Netherlands, directed by Japanese designer Yuya Ushida. A graduate from renowned Design Academy of Eindhoven, Ushida creates objects using exclusively everyday materials and traditional building techniques. Born in 1975 in Nagoya, Japan, Yuya Ushida was the child of the manager of an ironworks and was constantly exposed to a creative busy environment. He always enjoyed making things with his hands and his motto is still “to make objects which make people happy” adding a playful critical edge to his designs. Ushida realized from an early stage that his own interest… read more

You’ll Want To Check Out The Library Home

You’ll Want To Check Out The Library Home

Remember libraries? This home from Khosla Associates – Architecture + Interiors certainly does. It brings back a fondness for libraries to the front of the line with all the fervor of a book hungry individual, several decades ago before the endless supply of digital words were available with just the click of a button. Called the Library Home, this family house located in Bangalore, India was a client-centered project, meeting specific needs and requests. The residents reportedly wanted a blend of an old city feel along with modern touches. According to the architects, the family of readers had an expanding… read more

Getting Outdoors

Getting Outdoors

You don’t have to be an avid camper to appreciate the idea of escaping the tethers of modern day life – clocks and alarms, ringing, beeping and message alerts. Getting away from it all is something we all crave, especially when the weather outside is welcoming. These transportable homes made just for traveling bring up a case of wanderlust. For water adventures, this houseboat designed by Sascha Akkermann is a space that was created to provide all of the amenities of a land dwelling, just with changeable views. A stay in a studio houseboat like this one would certainly make… read more

Top 10 Magnesium-Rich Foods

Magnesium rich foods

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the human body. It helps with effective functioning of nerves and muscles. It helps to maintain strong bones and regulates blood pressure and sugar levels. We need about 300-400 mg of magnesium every day. Below are listed the Top 10 magnesium-rich foods that will help boost your intake of this vital mineral. 1. Green Leafy Vegetables – the chlorophyll in vegetables like spinach which give them their green colour, contains magnesium. 2. Whole Grains – wheat, oats, rye, buckwheat. Not to be confused with refined grains such as white bread as the magnesium is lost… read more

Have Kids? DIY – Don’t Buy These 3 Springtime Toys

Have Kids? DIY - Don’t Buy These 3 Springtime Toys

Make them. Bubbles, play dough and chalk are mainstays of a child’s imagination diet, and a great recipe for outdoor fun. They are also easy to make at home, and kids can help with the recipes. Bubbles, mostly sold in retail-land in plastic containers, are completely simple to make at home. Using generous drops of dish soap, water and a reusable container you can stir up a batch of your own. Check out the National Wildlife Federation for a list of fun bubble recipes. Save wands from other bubble container inserts or make it a game and have kids hunt for… read more