Insulating with cavity closers

Most of the heat loss from buildings occurs at the windows as the heat passes through the glass. This can be minimized with high performance double or triple glazing. The next problem is that heat loss also occurs around the window. This is where cavity closers come into their own. In cavity walls, the inner and outer leaves of the brickwork have to be closed at the reveal, the recess around window and door frames. But if this is closed with more bricks and mortar, it may create a thermal bridge for heat to escape from the property. Bricks and… read more

Old TV's into Tiles

The rise of one technology usually leads to the demise of another. The rise of flat-panel technology is no exception. From televisions to tablets to laptops, flat screens have become standard for nearly any new device. However, the rise of the flat-panel has made CRT technology obsolete. CRT stands for cathode ray tube. You may know CRT better as the slightly curved glass screens that were used in old computer monitors and tube televisions. The screens were specially manufactured from lead glass to prevent shattering and to block X-ray emissions. As consumers have flocked to newer flat-panel devices, old CRT… read more

Self cleaning dishes

Self cleaning dishes may soon be a product on the shelves thanks to Swedish Design studio Tomorrow Machine. Their dishes need not be washed with gallon after gallon of precious water. They will actually clean themselves, without the need for scrubbing, just as soon as you are finished with your meal.┬áThe leftovers entirely will simply slide right off the plate leaving no grime to scrub. The development of these dishes got started when Swedish Forest Industries Federation asked researchers and designers to make a product that could be created with tree-based cellulose. Tomorrow Machine teamed with KTH Royal Institute of… read more

Feng shui infographic

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your home design and home decor, often style and taste end up playing the biggest roles. However, the ancient Chinese practice of Feng shui dictates that home decor should not only be visually appealing but be carefully designed and placed so as to ensure positive energy. Feng shui is built on the belief that you can alter the energy of your home with your decor and design choices. In turn, these positive energies should translate into success and prosperity in other areas of your life. In this detailed infographic below,… read more

Bike Shop - climate awesome

MUST SEE VIDEO: Awesome music video parody with sustainability message

Mark Evans

Answer – when it is done just for green’s sake. Nothing is sustainable if it cannot be managed financially and if it doesn’t support the end users while it respects resources and the planet. An ugly, poorly laid out green building will only be torn down in a few years, and frustrate all who use it. Yes, use local materials, but only if they work and if you can afford them! Seek to be greener by being creative in regard to balancing the budget, the benefit to the building occupants and staff, and the planet we call home.