Unusually Green: Out Of The Ordinary Homes Part 2

Unusually Green: Out Of The Ordinary Homes Part 2

There are surprisingly quite a few oddly constructed green homes sprinkled around the globe. This one has a shared feature with the home in Part 1 of our Unusually Green series, and ranked next on the list because of its unique dominant ability – it moves. Over the course of about 5 minutes this house can do a 150° rotation by way of an elastomeric belt. It is constructed with arches that anchor to a gear ring forged from steel and affixed to a solid concrete base. Unbelievably, it only uses around the quarter of the energy required to run an… read more

Unusually Green: Out of The Ordinary Homes Part 1

Unusually Green: Out of The Ordinary Homes, Part 1

Learning about green home constructions and architectural elements is one thing, however seeing them as highly efficient, functioning, up and running living spaces is quite another. At Blackle Mag we are always on the lookout for designs with an eco-conscious focus, and we have come across a few lately that have caught our eye for their environmentally inclined features and noteworthy appearances. Exquisite and distinctive, the homes in this 3 part series will make you wish for a one of a kind green wonder space, too. From the creative minds of Architecture and Vision, MercuryHouseOne is a home like no… read more

10 Most Polluted Cities In The World


Everyone hates smog. We hate the smell, hate the nasty taste it leaves in your mouth, and hate the consistency. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most polluted cities in the world, because no matter where you are, it’s nice to know what places to avoid. 10.) Kabwe, Zambia This city is on the list due to their extremely high levels of lead deposits near the city. A $40 million project will soon begin cleaning up the lead, but it won’t save the children and villagers already affected by the historically fatal lead poisoning. 9.) Hong Kong You’ll see… read more

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net Zero Design

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net-Zero Design

Located in Venice, California, a team of designers, architects, contractors and solar setups turned a resident remodel into a family home and office combination that is a near record breaker on the efficiency scale. Called the Yin Yang House, it has enough green features to make sustainable design lovers drool. The massive renovation was assembled from fully reused or highly recycled content and local materials. Only ethically gathered woods were used in both indoor and exterior finishes, and there was also a focus on reduced chemical usage with all surfaces. Additionally, during the building process at least 80% of the… read more

Nature’s Repellents – Part 1


Getting pests out of your home can be difficult. Keeping them out often proves to be even harder. This is especially true for ant infestations, as you may find your house occupied with a militia of them crawling out of every crevice, appearing only to multiply double the rate at which they are vanquished. Commercial repellents exist, but they are often costly, contain hazardous chemicals (harming the ants and yourself), and usually don’t prevent new infestations from taking place – companies do need customers to keep buying more product(s), after all. Focusing on ants, there is a great deal you… read more