Future Student Housing Is A “Hobbit Hut”


Tired of the boring old dorm complex most universities have adopted? Looking to spice up your student years and hit the books in style? Is sustainability something that keeps you up at night? Then boy, this housing concept may be the stuff for you. A 33-square-foot hut developed by Swedish firm Tengbom Architects has been generating buzz this past week. It has about 5 different housing aspects built into its tiny frame, though the question on everyone’s mind is: will it actually work? The concept was initially created for the students at the University of Lund. Everything inside either folds,… read more

Forest Thrives Inside Art Museum


A living forest is a labyrinth of complex interactions, harboring an array of biodiversity. How the resident organisms come together, and how they respond to human interference, is crucial to the health of these natural environments. A few things are required for the subsidence of a forest. Including proper light and irrigation, as well as the room to grow and deepen its roots. Often, it is difficult to source these things adequately enough through nature in areas abundant in artificial structures and human life, especially as the rate of city-dwellers increases. The proposed Andrea Branzi Maribor Art Museum, however, promises… read more

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

Inspired by German design and responsive architecture, lumenHAUSE is an award winning student project by Virginia Tech University. This completely sustainable solar space makes use of luminous light. This creates an efficient use of natural sunlight, but also incorporates research which shows that lighting can impact mood. Check out the documentary: It is a fully autonomous home, able to produce all of its own energy and remaining in a state of ideal efficiency by way of its own management system. It actually keeps track of the sun and is an optimal solar layout. It includes incandescent insulation panels and radiant… read more

Incredible Tree Houses


Arboreal abodes are, in themselves, quite fantastical. Appearing nearly as extensions of the very branches they rest upon, their presence alone conjures questions about the whimsical beings that live within. Though unquestionably part of a niche market, these houses can provide a new outlook on life. Even if you never choose to live within a sylvan hollow, a single day spent in arboreal accommodations can help to recenter your creative focus. Often, tree houses are constructed of materials that are both renewable and locally sourced. Furthermore, some may still be able to biodegrade, electrical installations aside, assuming they haven’t been… read more

A Moldy Home Could Be A Good Thing


Traditionally, it is considered dirty and unwanted to have mold on your home. We create paints and varnishes that repel moisture and seedlings from plants, vines, and other naturally growing “things”. However, researchers at Barcelona Tech (UPC) decided that mold should be a featured piece on homes and buildings. They created a wall that promotes the growth of fungi and lichens. It begins with a structured layer of cement protected by waterproof materials. The biological layer comes next, which allows water to accumulate inside of it for colonisation. Instead of repelling moss and lichens, it helps with the development of… read more

These 2 Educational Centers Make The Grade

These 2 Educational Centers Make The Grade

Schools are fundamental places that house creativity, knowledge and social interaction. Designing for educational venues can often be a challenge, as there are many considerations to be addressed. Given their proactive approaches to education, but also in promoting environmental awareness and global citizenship, the following are designs to be modeled after. The Green School, located in Kfar Saba, Israel, has built sustainability into the curriculum. Designed by Knafo Klimor Architects, there is a focus on the environment and fostering a sense of community. Accommodating children in the 1st through 6th grades, the layout includes laboratories and a library in addition… read more

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

It’s no secret that kids love cardboard boxes. Save up this useful material and check out the projects below for quality crafts that will keep kids interested. Foldschool turns plain cardboard boxes into useable kid sized stools, chairs and even rockers, as seen in their pictures below. Free downloadable projects with printable patterns and instructions let kids be in control and practice basic building concepts while making durable furniture. Designed by architect Nicola Stäubli, the cardboard furniture series offers children a practical exercise in fundamental craft skills through a real, non-condescending approach. According to Stäubli: Mass culture is run by superficiality… read more

Nomadic Station Will Uncover Mysteries of the Ocean


Ninety-five percent of the ocean remains unexplored, despite accounting for over 70% of the earth’s surface. Due to the ocean’s mysterious nature, some have gone as far to say humankind knows more about outer-space than aquatic life. While this is clearly unfounded, and our understanding of the universe largely underdeveloped and ever-changing, our future may well be sealed in the abyss, physically encompassing and yet evasive to even the elite of enlightened thinkers and scholars. On a conquest to equip scientists with a vessel to facilitate advanced exploration of oceanic bodies, Jacques Rougerie conceived plans for the SeaOrbiter, which could… read more

The Canopy Tower Apartments Envelope Tenants in Nature


The Canopy is a concept apartment tower conceived by Boutique Designs, a Hong Kong based design agency, as a means of merging urban efficiency with nature. The project will achieve this through the tower’s optimized structure, designed to lower construction costs and simplify reproduction. The structure’s energy-efficient properties are acquired through implementation of a glass facade, which grants tenants 360-degree exposure to sunlight, and an AC compressor; in addition to the abundance of plant-life perching throughout both the building’s interior and exterior. Gracing the tower with more than sylvan beauty, the trees lend their talent for capturing pollutant particles in… read more

Falling Leaves – On A House?

Falling Leaves – On A House?

Just in time for autumn and its theatrics of splendid, color concentrated falling leaves, a remodel of an outdoor space has an added element of surprise. Located in Mayfair, London, this residential space has received a unique exterior makeover. Covered in 1000’s of  replicas of glimmering leaves, this renovation is an exquisite example of creative design. The front of the home faces the street and sits amidst other structures that are also part of the house. The home and its locality are interesting also. Portions of the existing house are from the 18th century and are in an historic district… read more