Lead Poisoning in U.S. Children

Lead Poisoning in U.S. Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a report stating that 1 in 38 children in the U.S that are ages 1 through 5 have lead poisoning. This preventable health risk has most likely increased due to the CDC having changed the lead exposure guidelines last year. This has been the first change regarding lead levels in over 2 decades. The modification is now half of the previous amount, with a level of 5 as the newer cutoff. The number was reduced due to increasing research which shows how destructive lead is to the human system. Lead… read more

Unwasting in the Textile Industry

Eco Textiles To Watch For

We use textiles every day; from clothes to coverings, fabrics are important pieces. Several inventive and ecological choices are progressively springing up around the globe. It is nice to know that the numbers of environmentally responsible cloth options are continually growing, and some in places you might not expect. Organic materials, like the fibers from pineapples and bananas, can be successfully used for an assortment of textile products. What would normally be discarded from these natively grown plants is being considered for use as fabrics to make everything from clothing to home furnishings. The fibers from the plants are ideal… read more

Greener Kitchens

Eco-friendly kitchens

If you are building, renovating or just looking to ‘green-ify’ your kitchen, there are many things, great and small, you can do to better serve the environment. Replace water heater Look for a high Energy Factor (EF). This is the measure of the water heater’s overall efficiency. The higher the EF, the more efficient the appliance. Electric water heaters have higher Energy Factor ratings than gas-fired water heaters but heating with electricity can be more expensive. If you can get a tankless water heater they save a lot of energy as water is heated as it flows through the heater,… read more

DIY Recycled Flooring

Recycled Floor Redo

Redoing flooring can be expensive work and available materials can be costly or not so environmentally friendly. Upscaling a floor with natural or recycled items can give your interior a green facelift. The following do-it-yourself flooring projects provide motivation to spruce up a boring surface. The Phoenix Commotion showcases several creative do it yourself project inspirations and tips, including imaginative recycled floor applications. For example, Papier-Mâché floors can be created in endless designs with a continual supply of paper materials to incorporate. The featured floors used grocery sacks, labels and even sheet music to decorate surfaces. Also, if you happen… read more

Homemade Candles

Homemade Candles

Candlelight emits a relaxing glow, but store bought candles can be expensive. They can also have an overpowering scent or be laden with toxins that can be released into the air when burned. Making your own candles allows control over the ingredients, scent and presentation. There are some general techniques for candle crafting. Container candles basically involve melting the wax and slowly pouring it into a heat safe container. Candles made in molds require a bit more effort, especially when applying advanced techniques, but it is a skill worth learning. Hand dipped candles take some time to complete but can… read more

MOSS Office Pods

Office pod

Recently, we published a story about a company in NYC that won a competition to create updated apartment complexes in the city. Their winning design was a building created entirely out of detachable micro units. A few years ago, a similar setup, the OfficePOD, was created in the U.K. as a means to lower costs in large offices. The POD would act much like a garden shed and sit in the backyard, but instead of garden tools, the POD is full of office appliances, desks, computers, and whatever you need to work at home. In the U.K., the POD’s claim… read more

Eco Hints For Home

Eco Hints For Home

There are many ways that we can incorporate eco-friendly activities into our everyday chores around the home. These small changes that we make in our daily lives will make a difference to the future of our planet and we should encourage our friends, family and neighbors to do the same. Wallpaper It is making a comeback and instead of chemically filled paint, try an interesting design to brighten up your home. Curtains 20% of heat escapes through the windows. Get out the sewing machine and turn your favourite fabric into curtains that instantly update your home. Furniture Instead of spending cash… read more

Japan: All Wrapped Up


In Japan, wrapping is not a mere nicety reserved for gift giving. It is a custom steeped in tradition and remains ever present in Japanese culture as they continue to wrap their bodies in kimonos, their rice in seaweed, and their relics in decorative paper. In Japan, the wrapping of gifts is a heartfelt sign of respect, while wrapping personal items can be seen as a form of spiritual security. Not only does it enclose an item in a decorative exterior, it keeps it separate, safe even, from outside impurities. In this way it preserves an item’s sacredness and keeps it… read more

Crafting with Purpose

Cork coasters

There are enough ‘green’ projects to keep one busy for a lifetime. This isn’t a bad thing, I am all for the reuse of materials and as resources become limited it is often a necessity to reuse. However, reusing materials to make crafts with little purpose in themselves creates the same dilemma as the material you were trying to recycle in the first place. When reusing materials, we should keep in mind a purpose for the piece, ensuring it does not endure the same fate one might expect from a piece of macaroni art. This is to say, although it may no doubt receive a proud display at first, with the passing of time it is… read more

Better Sleep

Better sleep practices

Sleep is a big part of our daily lives. Whether you have a sleep pattern down or constantly crave more, a few changes in your sleeping space can make for a healthier and more relaxing slumber. For one, stop energy zappers in your bedroom. If there are too many electronics and plugged in items dangling around, they are draining energy and your sleep. It is hard to get shut eye with all kinds of incessant or blinking lights in the room. Also, don’t make rest quarters a docking station for things that need to be charged. This will make it less… read more