Masdar City Development Promises Eco-Metropolis

Masdar City Development Promises Eco-Metropolis

Many examples of sustainable communities can be found across the globe, however there is one currently in the construction and development phase that is breaking the blueprint mold. Called Masdar City, the sprawling multifaceted area is located in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Masdar literally means ‘the source’, and it is planned to be an efficient, environmentally designed metropolitan expanse. The project actually began many years ago and had hoped for a finalization date sometime soon, but now developers are looking at a completion date of 2015 for Phase 1 of the design. It assures an upgraded lifestyle… read more

Unusually Green: Out of The Ordinary Homes Part 1

Unusually Green: Out of The Ordinary Homes, Part 1

Learning about green home constructions and architectural elements is one thing, however seeing them as highly efficient, functioning, up and running living spaces is quite another. At Blackle Mag we are always on the lookout for designs with an eco-conscious focus, and we have come across a few lately that have caught our eye for their environmentally inclined features and noteworthy appearances. Exquisite and distinctive, the homes in this 3 part series will make you wish for a one of a kind green wonder space, too. From the creative minds of Architecture and Vision, MercuryHouseOne is a home like no… read more

Exclusive Eco Retreats Most Can Only Dream About

Exclusive Eco Retreats Most Can Only Dream About

Taking some time off in new surroundings can be good for grabbing a little rest and acquiring a fresh outlook. The majority of us will probably never get to vacay in a luxury spot like one of the following, but their eco conscious designs will give your eyes a little holiday just looking at the photographs of them. Designed by Sarah Featherstone of Featherstone Associates, The Orchid House is a captivating, environmentally engineered home. It is located in the Cotswolds, England, and is reportedly one of the most costly green constructions ever on the market with a price tag in… read more

Construction Gets Muddy With Cob Houses

Construction Gets Muddy With Cob Houses

If wanting to learn more about organic construction and sustainable building materials, the newest applications may have a lot to offer. However, there are also primitive means of raising a home that still provide durable designs. One natural homebuilding technique involves cob structures. These types of houses have been built for centuries in many parts of the world. Cob constructions are mostly made with a combination of mud and straw, and some regions may also mix in sand, clay or lime. The mud and straw blend are compacted by removing the moisture content and then dried into bricks. The mud bricks… read more

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net Zero Design

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net-Zero Design

Located in Venice, California, a team of designers, architects, contractors and solar setups turned a resident remodel into a family home and office combination that is a near record breaker on the efficiency scale. Called the Yin Yang House, it has enough green features to make sustainable design lovers drool. The massive renovation was assembled from fully reused or highly recycled content and local materials. Only ethically gathered woods were used in both indoor and exterior finishes, and there was also a focus on reduced chemical usage with all surfaces. Additionally, during the building process at least 80% of the… read more

Refugee Shelters Solar-Powered by IKEA

Solar-Powered IKEA Shelter For Refugees

More than 43 million people in the world are refugees and right now approximately 3.5 million of them live in tents provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR). But these fabric tents are just a temporary solution as they only last about six months, are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, offering little comfort, dignity and security. Also, they have no electricity or lighting, and that is very limiting for people and families that just want to live a normal life, again. That is why the UNCHR recently joined Nordic giant IKEA Foundation, to… read more

Recycled Newspapers Offer 3 Unique Designs

Recycled Newspapers Turned Into 3 Unique Designs

In 2010, the recycling rate of newspapers in the U.S. reached almost 72%. Newspapers can be reprocessed into many different objects, and some designers have turned to the medium as a resource for their works. Below are some creations that are definitely an upscale effort of what is possible with recycled newspapers. Ivano Vitali knows the capabilities of recycled resources. Creating sustainable art with them for decades, one development that used newspaper as fabrics produced a clothing line that looks more stylishly complicated than the papered headlines they came from. Uniquely colored and textured, the time consuming collection process and… read more

Rough, Rusty and Recycled

Rusty-Modern Home in Sydney

“Tinshed” is not a rugged precarious home, it is a modern studio flat/office located in the trendy area of East Redfern, one of Sydney’s most interesting and dynamic suburbs. It was designed by architect Raffaello Rossellis who reused the corrugated iron boards from an old shed standing previously on-site to create a modern space with humble exteriors that reminds the area what was left behind. Tin sheds are a part of Australia’s building vernacular, which is why the architect decided to keep the old shed’s spirit and revamped it into a new home, a new building that is rough and honest. Filled with windows… read more

There’s A Secret In Ann Arbor, Michigan

There’s A Secret In Ann Arbor, Michigan

Actually lots of them – and they are not meant for adults. These secrets are intended for kids. Sometimes children can be unintentionally left out of things; for instance, the design process revolving around constructions like buildings, parking lots or even homes. One children’s writer and artist in the city of Ann Arbor has made it his mission to include the younger crew in an unusually inviting way, and in the most unsuspecting places. If you look close enough at nearby elementary schools, inside tea shops, markets, on shelves, hidden in fireplaces or even curbside amidst a normally lackluster parking… read more

Cut Costs While Keeping Cool


With the waxing of the summer equinox, we shall soon reach a peak in temperatures. With this comes an escalation in A/C costs and a search for ways in which to dash such expenses. While standard mesh window screens can diffuse solar radiation, there remain alternative fixtures of equal effectiveness that are often neglected when not used for their novelty. This is rather a shame, for when paired with standard window treatments – curtains, shades and the lot – their energy saving properties can parallel the efforts of air cooling and heating systems. Take, for example, the following: Vines Masking… read more