Kinetic Energy + Rocking Chairs = Smart Seating

Kinetic Energy From Rocking Chairs Equals Smart Seating

Kinetic energy may be difficult to harvest on a large scale basis, and can be unreliable. However, in places where there is a constant barrage of motion it can be useful. Take for example, swings or rocking chairs. The way that rockers are designed are ideal for harnessing energy produced from motion and utilizing it. A clever idea for creating power from movement surfaced in a swing design a few years back. Ryan Klinger designed a glider style seat called Empower that captures energy from the rocking motion. Coming out a 2nd place winner among designs at the Greener Gadgets… read more

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

The leftover coffee grounds from a morning jolt are not only good for compost fuel. Some creative designers are actually using them as materials for furniture making. A few years back, a nonprofit design company called Re-worked had a line of furniture that incorporated coffee grounds in the manufacturing process. The company, with the goal of making what they could from recycled waste materials, was able to create a substance which enabled them to form several sturdy furniture pieces called Çurface. Made from 30% coffee grounds and 70% High Impact Polysterene, the company also used recycled plastics. This mixture is made… read more

Biodegradable Designs Made From The Earth


Tel-Aviv based sustainability designer, social-entrepreneur and teacher Adital Ela enjoys getting her hands dirty. A graduate from renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, she produces fantastic objects made from soil and fibers. Her collection is called “Terra” and includes stools (for children and adults) and lampshades, and she will soon unveil a new and bigger object: an earth bedside cupboard. Made from soil and dry plants fibers, that give the mix a long lasting quality and structure, the Terra collection is entirely craft by hand. Ela collects her raw materials from a site nearby her Tel-Aviv studio, mixes it… read more

Playing With Design

Playing With Design

Kids can accumulate lots of toys. Artists are always coming up with new ways to use old materials, and the following are a few examples of those who have incorporated both new and old for interesting interior accents and exhibition pieces that give reusable design a playful edge. Ryan McElhinney has combined a functional way to repurpose toys. Taking the basic desk lamp and adding an element of spirited liveliness, the Toy Lamp was born. Forming recycled toys around the lamp, he fuses them and finishes off the final assembly with a glossy coat.            … read more

Upcycled Upholstery and Fabric Remnant Projects

Upcycled Upholstery and Fabric Remnant Projects

Items like leftover upholstery, textile samples and fabric fragments can be put to use for more than just patchwork quilts and mismatched designs. The following are a few activities for repurposing, but take warning: if you are one that has a passion for fabrics, you may need a designated drawer to begin saving swatches and fabric leftovers. The Upholstery Shop renovates furniture and upholsters the finished pieces with restored textiles. Their chairs and sofas make reusing more than practical but stylish, too. Craft Stew has 20 projects with instructional links for using up fabric scraps. Many plans are also suited for younger… read more

All Grown Up? But What About All This Stuff?

Repurposing Baby Items

If you have had a new one enter the household, you are probably aware of how fast they tend to grow out of things. From baby gear to clothes, the time spent in them can be short-lived. Often baby’s things can be reused in a different way to extend their life and usefulness. For instance, everyday necessities like baby wipe containers can be turned into nifty organizational tools that can be labeled and easily cleaned off. Whether round or rectangular shaped, they can be repurposed to fit where they are needed. Using them as portable carriers for pencils, paper, stickers… read more

Compostable Tableware Served Up From Japan

Compostable dinneware

Here is a humble tableware collection that is fully compostable and still, very elegant. Conceived by top Japanese creative director, Shinichiro Ogata, Wasara is pure, textured and white. It’s also very warm and nice to the touch. Made from a new mix of biodegradable composite materials that doesn’t include trees, the cups, plates, bowls and vases are made from a mix of agricultural waste including bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse. Perfect for taking to a tea party or picnic at the park Wasara is extra light. Designed to be fully compostable when finished with, it can be disposed of in… read more

Recycled War Relics Turned Into Art

Recycled War Relics Turned Into Art

Strong emotions can come from just looking at a war artifact. Recycled war remnants can turn fragments of historic events into strong statement pieces. Mati Karmin, an artist who uses a distinct material for his works, generates solid furniture pieces using discarded metal husks that were left behind from Russia’s withdraw from Estonia in the 90’s. He has created a series titled MARINEMINE: The Mine Furniture. Chairs, cabinets, beds, bathtubs, swings and grill ovens are just a few of the solid productions. Recycling these colossal naval bomb shells into furniture is definitely an original and conversational concept. Ezri Tarazi has… read more

A Pop-Up Relaxed Space for the Stressed Out

Soft fold cabane

The problem with modern times is that we are all hyper-connected, doing multiple things at the same time and frankly, a bit stressed out. In response to this issue Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller created a great flexible space to read, relax, hang around and be with oneself. Developed within the Fabrica experimental center, Soft Fold Cabane gives people a stress-free time. Soft Fold Cabane consists of a wooden structure that can be folded and unfolded and fits in just about any corner of the house. The long square section of wooden bars, found at a local flea market, are bolted together creating… read more

The Inner Life – a Seat + Plant Pot + Tortoise Home

Martín Azúa, the inner life, seat, polyethylene, plant pot, animal home, design, furniture

The more we get to know nature, the more we will love it, and therefore, look after it. With the aim of incorporating nature into our everyday life, Spanish designer Martín Azúa created a collection of useful objects which can host life, both animal and vegetable. On of the most surprising objects from his collection is a seat entitled “The Inner Life”, which serves different purposes as well as offering a comfy place to sit down and relax. An adaptation of Azúa’s 2008 “Sillón Om”, his latest design “The Inner Life” is also made from 100% recyclable polyethylene. Polyethylene is… read more