Blackle Mag Team

Blackle Mag is building a global team of more than 30 passionate writers, illustrators, photographers, and designers from varied backgrounds and nationalities who are united by their desire to help push sustainability further into the mainstream. Does this sound like you? Please let us know if you would like to join the Blackle Mag team.

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Toby Heap
Toby Heap – Founder – Sydney, Australia
Toby is interested in eco-design and green technology, artificial intelligence, and philosophy. In his free time Toby likes to go to the zoo with his two children, take wildlife photographs, and constantly learn new things. You can follow Toby on Twitter or G+.

Annabelle Tallentire
Annabelle Tallentire – Editor – Sydney, Australia
Annabelle is interested in healthy living, interior design, and travel. She likes spending time with her family and friends, running, and keeping up with her three energetic children.

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith – Sustainable Design, Research & Innovation Writer – Illinois, USA
Leslie is interested in green research, psychology and learning about global events. She likes simple living and spending time with her children.

Derek Markham
Derek Markham – Green Technology Writer – Illinois, USA
Derek is a digital dad with an analog streak, as comfortable with a smartphone as he is with pencil and paper. He’s got a soft spot for babies, bicycles and bouldering, and is Head Shoveler and novice permaculturist at his mini-farm startup in New Mexico. You can also find him letting it all hang out on Twitter, Facebook, and NaturalPapa. Derek also writes for Treehugger.

Zack Wall
Zack Wall – Green Science & Technology Writer – Ohio, USA
Zack is a Canadian writer and student filmmaker, currently living in Ohio as he finishes his degree in Digital Cinematography, at which point he will enter graduate school to earn a Master’s degree in Physics. In his spare time, he directs short films, and tinkers with his Raspberry Pi eco-computer.

Ariel Mckee
Ariel McKee – Green Lifestyle & DIY Writer – Missouri, USA
Ariel McKee is a self-confirmed tree hugger from the Midwest, U.S. In addition to social and ecological change, she has an unfailing curiosity towards animal rights, astrophysics, literature, technological innovation, and botany.

David Stewart
David Stewart – Environmental Policy & Technology Writer – Glasgow, Scotland
David works as a freelance writer, specializing in property and environmental journalism. He has written for Britain’s Daily Express and Daily Mail. At university he studied Politics and German. In his spare time he enjoys reading, visiting sites of ecological interest, and spending time with family.

Ana Lisa Alperovich
Ana Lisa Alperovich – Sustainable Design Writer – London, UK & Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ana Lisa is an independent writer, eco-designer and sustainable cultural producer born in Buenos Aires and trained in London. She loves gardening, raw food, cats and riding her folding bike as well as reporting from design festivals around the world. She is also a contributing writer for Inhabitat.

Other contributors include:
Anna Warwick, Ashley Ward, Brad Bodon, Chris Lovell, Eden Atkison-Bruce, Jacinta Stapleton, Jenne Attebery Kopalek, Jennifer Copley, Jodi Smits Anderson, Karan Sen, Kyle Rosas, Morgan Pettersson, Ram Kumar, Sheila Saints, Simone Gabriel, Sylvia Carlson, Thobisa Simelane, and Whitley Forman.