Whitley Forman

Live Sustainably – A Choice

Living more sustainably

Sustainability is a term thrown around loosely in today’s media, but it is a real choice that every single person makes in their daily life. You can choose to be greener and live a more sustainable life by making the right choices that effect the environment and your wallet. Turn the lights off! Three 60 watt light bulbs left on 8 hours a day for a year can cost $90 and waste 525 kWh for the year! Minimizing “phantom loads” in your home or office is an easy way to be more energy conservative. These “phantom loads” are electronics in… read more

Efficiency By Design

Low usage and high efficiency homes

Buildings are by far the most important venue for efficiency by design. More energy and materials are used in their construction as well as energy consumed during their lifetime, consequently their design and construction practices should be implemented in the most sustainable way possible to attain the goal of carbon neutrality and only natural materials used. The structure of our buildings and homes should be made from sustainable materials bought regionally to increase the economy and increase longevity of the structure. As an example, standing seam metal roofs last longer and can actually reflect solar radiation, keeping your attic and… read more