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Green Your Valentine

Green Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, relationships, family, and friendship. Although when you consider how much energy it takes to create all those goodies, gifts, and especially the cards it is a whole lot of waste. At any given store in the month of February tons of paper cards grace the shelves. Can you imagine the carbon footprint Valentine’s Day leaves behind each year. Here is a unique way to ‘green’ your Valentine’s Day for adults and children alike. Plant cards Can be made from old scrap paper, contain seeds and can be planted. To make the seed paper just use scrap paper… read more

LED Bulb Controlled By Your Smartphone

Fall In Love With LIFX

Imagine a light bulb that is energy efficient and that you can control with your iPhone or Android phone. Launched on the creative funding website Kickstarter, is a light bulb reinvention project. LIFX, which is a Wi-Fi enabled, multicolored, energy efficient light bulb, has successfully raised its funding goal and consumers eagerly wait its arrival for purchase. You can preorder on the website now. LIFX is an LED bulb that is self-contained for easy installment. There is no need to call an electrician as this bulb can easily screw in and works perfectly on its own. The LIFX can control lights by… read more

Waste Not, Want Not


Most of the organic materials that end up in the dumpster are produce, bakery items, and dairy products. Those foods could be used in five ways to reduce the amount of food waste being generated. If food is anaerobically digested for renewable energy production, then the residuals can, and should, be put to beneficial use to feed the soil not landfills. Businesses, institutions, and individuals alike are being encouraged to make the most of what they have by reducing their food waste, separating excess food for donations, and composting the remainder. Reducing, donating and recycling excess food can have a… read more

iPad Must-Haves

iPad accessories

All the new mobile, electronic devices in our lives require personalization and a huge market for electronic accessories has arrived to meet our need to shop. The stylish eco-friendly buyer can now look to some of the following companies who are providing clever designs for your iPad. The Kork 2 is an iPad case by Aprodukt and is entirely made of recycled cork. This case is completely recycled.  The Kork 2 integrates the Apple smart cover for all around protection. Complete with tray mode, Kork 2 will give the natural look along with the sustainability for the environment. The Plaid… read more

Energy from Algae

Algae Energy

An increasingly energy thirsty world craves transportation fuels, lucrative oils to run factories, and energy to supply the astounding amount of electronic devices that are proliferating. There is a great need for a new sustainable energy resource.  Algae can contain high levels of oils, carbohydrates, sugars and proteins, and can be used to produce renewable fuel, animal feed, and human food. Algae is used to run electricity to homes in Arizona and shows great possibility for a future in biodiesel. Heterotrophic microalgae are grown in large fermenters using sugar or starch, similar to the corn ethanol fermentation already providing almost 10… read more

Amazing Avocado

Amazing Avocado

Avocados are one of the most nutrient-dense foods. They are high in fiber and top the charts among all fruits for folate, potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium. This amazing fruit is high in oleic acid. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fat that helps increase fat metabolism. They are also rich in powerful carotenoid anti-oxidants lutein and zeaxanthin as well. Avocados also contain D-manno-heptulose sugar that has been shown to improve the skin epidermis by boosting collagen formation. This is the perfect reason to use avocados as a facial mask rather than those over the counter facial masks that contain toxins… read more

Microbial Fuel Cell Breakthrough

Microbial Fuel Cells

The microbial fuel cell creates energy as it cleans waste water. As bacteria oxidizes organic matter, electrons are produced and run from an anode to a cathode within the fuel cell to create an electric current. What does this mean for wastewater?  This technology could power waste treatment plants and enable them to sell electricity from an organic source. The new technology developed at Ohio State Uuniversity can now produce 10 to 50 more times the electricity, per volume, than most other approaches using microbial fuel cells, and 100 times more electricity than some. Experts estimate that about 3 percent… read more

Our Lives Depend Upon It


After years of polluting our oceans we now appreciate the many benefits they provide to humans. Essential nutrition, climate regulation, and oxygen generation are just some of the ways in which our lives are effected. The oceans face a constant threat of pollution and the creatures that live beneath the waves of habitat loss. The sad part is these effects can last decades and some may be irreversable. Oceans and coastlines provide shelter to 40 percent of the global population, help to support 350 million jobs and contribute more than $3 trillion to the world’s material wealth each year. The… read more

Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Solutions

eco friendly lunchboxes

Disposable is out, reusable is in! More students are taking on the goal of being eco –friendly for their environment and using reusable containers rather than paper sacks. Below are a few options to be eco sensible and safely carry your lunch to school. Frego is a shatter resistant glass bowl fitted with a silicone sleeve and double seal softsnap lid. No BPA. No PVC. No Polystyrene. No Lead. Frego’s borosilicate glass offers better thermal range than most commonly used consumer glass products available today. Frego glass is safe from -40 °F up to 465 °F. BUILT NY’s kids lunch… read more

Onions, More Than Simply Flavoring Food


Onions are a versatile vegetable with a high nutritional value. Onions are thought to prevent cancer, diabetes, and even the common cold. But onions can also be used around the home in place of harsh chemicals and aerosols. Here are some uses you may not have thought of.. Make DIY Dye: Onions make brilliant all natural dyes. Simply place the skins of the onion in a nylon bag and boil for about 30 minutes. Soothe a sore throat: Onions make a fantastic tea that with the natural antioxidants helps fight infection. Using the peels bring the water to a boil, remove… read more