Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Walking past this Victorian terrace in inner-city Sydney, while beautiful none-the-less, it looks like many others in the suburb and surrounding areas. That is unless you have the good fortune to step inside. And once you do, you’ll be blown away by the modern and minimal sculptural design and the fluid flow of the floorplan. But the real wow factor comes in the form of the incredible light and airyness that is often unfamiliar in traditional terrace houses. Renowned Sydney architect firm, Chenchow Little, have created a minimalistic abode filled with glass, concrete and wood. Nicknamed the Skylight House, the… read more

Redifining the E-Bike

Redifining the E-bike

PG Bikes, the German-based company, have redefined the electric bike.┬áIn their words: They should be faster, more exlcusive, better. While we wait for the 2013 models to be released, the two latest designs by PG Bikes, the BlackBlock 2 and BlackTrail 2, defiantly class themselves as the most exclusive and most expensive e-Bikes around. The BlackBlock 2, known as The Cruiser for its modern classic take on a traditional bicycle, combines lifestyle and riding with mobility and reliability. Now available as an all-wheel-drive model with 2 specially designed motors, it can be controlled by a Smartphone app. The new model,… read more