Ana Lisa Alperovich

Recycled Cardboard Houses a Whole Office

Nothing Agency’s Office is Built From Recycled Cardboard

The headquarters of advertising agency Nothing in Amsterdam have been created with a really tight budget and little time, but with plenty of creativity. The agency had an empty white box apartment in The Netherlands´capital but they needed to create a comfortable working environment inside that could reflect their cutting-edge philosophy to clients and visitors coming into their space. Product designer Joost Van Bleiswijk and design director Alrik Koudenburg were called to do the job, creating a unique sustainable space made from one single material: cardboard. Extremely versatile, recycled, readily available and super cheap, cardboard is easy to work with and can be… read more

Cloud-Like Summer Pavilion Graces London

Cloud-Like Summer Pavilion Pops Up in London

Each year, the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Kensington Gardens invites an architect to design a temporary pavilion in the park. The structure will be up all summer, enjoyed by Londoners and tourists, and will be hosting a variety of events through out the summer. This year is the turn of Japanese Sou Fujimoto, a 41-year-old who is the youngest architect to accept one of the world’s most sought after (but unpaid) commissions. Fujimoto’s nebulous design is a gorgeous cloud-like structure made from a network of steel poles that stretch over 350 square meters creating a playful, geometric and translucent structure… read more

A Chair Made from the Elements

"Soilid" Chair is Made from Baked Soil and Fungi

Growing your own furniture might seem like a crazy idea, but some designers are already experimenting with this weird and wonderful concept. That is the case of Erez Nevi Pana who is growing his own furniture from natural materials and watches it grow! Made from a mix of soil, fungi and other natural materials, “Soilid” is Pana‘s first experimentation with these kinds of elements, which are common in the garden but rarely seen within the design world. To make this odd looking chair the materials are first measured by volume and weight, and then mixed all together. The mix is then shaped… read more

Cycling, Flying…or Both

Paravelo: the world’s first flying bike

For those of you who love extreme sports and ride bikes in the city, but want to avoid traffic jams, there is a new two-wheeled that you will absolutely adore. Created by a pair of British enthusiasts who have a passion for both cycling and flying, John Foden (37) and Yannick Read (42), the XploreAir Paravelo is a bike that transforms into an aircraft. The inventors say it is the world’s first fully functional flying bicycle. “If you have a thirst for adventure, but are without the storage space or bank balance large enough for a helicopter, then the Paravelo is… read more

Green Guerrilla in London: Moss Graffiti

Green Guerilla in London: Moss Grafitti by Anna Garforth

Eco-minded UK street artist Anna Garforth is putting a new spin on green guerrilla tactics. A multi-skilled creator, she enjoys experimenting with all kinds of materials including cardboard, paper and even bread. But what we especially love is her luscious moss graffiti. Poetic and eco-friendly, her most intimate expressions on walls can be spotted around the streets of London, where she currently lives, but also as far as Germany and Hong Kong. One of Garforth’s main artworks is “Grow”, a self-initiated project that popped up one day in the streets of the British capital. The green graffiti spelled the project’s name… read more

Impermeable Cork Umbrellas

Cork Umbrellas by Pelcor

Cork is the processed bark of Quercus suber (the Cork Oak), a tree that enjoys growing widely in Portuguese landscapes. To get the raw material there is not need to cut down the tree it will soon generate new bark layers regenerating itself with time. Quercus suber is originally from southwest Europe and northwest Africa and as a material, cork is more commonly used for wine stoppers, although their plastic copies are increasingly replacing them. Cork’s bubble-form structure and natural fire resistance make it suitable for thermal insulation in house walls, floors, ceilings and facades. A very versatile material with many… read more

The Sloping, Bioclimatic House

Sloping Bioclimatic House in Tenerife

Spanish architect José Luis Rodríguez Gil built a peculiar shaped house with the aim to make it self-sufficient. Standing within the rocky arid landscape of Tenerife this piece of unique architecture integrates into the landscape thanks to its sloping façade. An innovative shelter located within the Bioclimatic Experimental Urbanization of ITER Park (Technological Institute for Renewable Energies), this house takes into account the cli­mate and environmental con­di­tions of the area while keeping a sustainable equilibrium. Made from a local basalt stonewall, which was the start of the project, this sloping house is topped by a light structure of plywood with galvanized steel walls and glass. Designed… read more

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Without A Fridge

Save Food From The Fridge: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Using Zero-Energy

Korean designer Jihyun Ryou has come up with a solution for storing fresh food without the need of electricity. Save Food From The Fridge is a charming collection of kitchen shelves that uses unsophisticated materials for keeping fruits and vegetables away from quick degradation, energy-free. Sensible and adorable, Jihyun Ryou’s objects re-introduce and re-evaluate the way we connect with other living beings and the way we eat. There are different shelves with containers designed to store different vegetables, according to their shapes and humidity they need. For storing rooted vegetables like carrots, radish and parsnip, Ryou created a container that… read more

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden Suspended From Trees

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden is Suspended From Trees

Do you have your sights set high for your summer vacation? If that’s the case you might want to check in at the gorgeous Treehotel in Sweden. Located within the pristine forests of northern Sweden, just miles away from the Arctic Circle, the Treehotel combines awesome design and eco-tourism, offering guests modern sustainable rooms suspended high up in the branches. Each of the rooms at the Treehotel is unique. They have all been prefabricated on site and designed to be modern and comfortable, creating minimal impact on the environment. Called The Cabin, The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone,… read more

The First Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb

Plumen 001: a designer energy saving light bulb

Plumen light bulbs have been around for a few years now but we have to write about them, as they now constitute a design icon. Plumen lights are so pretty that they won’t need a shade to hide them. The curvy brilliant design will ad a nice eco-friendly modern touch to any room of the house. An eco-design classic, these CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs were created as a collaboration between London brand Hulger and designer Sam Wilkinson. Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb. Good and gorgeous, it uses 80% less energy than the traditional… read more