About Blackle Mag

Blackle Mag is the blog for Blackle, the energy saving search engine.

Each week Blackle Mag delivers original articles covering everything from sustainable architecture and fashion to green gadgets and transport; plus a healthy dose of eco living.

We great design

Great designs and technologies that will stand the test of time need to be sustainable. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on those designers and businesses that place sustainability at the heart of what they do.

We are Eco+ve

We like to focus on the positive. There are many commendable sites covering the environmental problems the World is facing. We prefer to take a more biodegradable-reusable-coffee-cup-half-full approach. That’s not to say that we should bury our collective heads in the sand about serious issues; we just want you to be able to leave Blackle Mag each day feeling inspired.

We like to keep things light hearted

We take the environment seriously but not ourselves. Life should be fun, so we try to keep Blackle Mag fun.

Blackle Search – our sister site

Blackle Mag was created by the makers of Blackle Search. Blackle Search was founded in January 2007 with the aim of encouraging us all to keep taking small steps to save energy. Read more about Blackle Search.

We encourage you to set Blackle Search as your home page. This way you will be reminded about the need to save energy each time you see the Blackle page load and (like a free set of steak knives) you can easily click through to see the latest articles on Blackle Mag.

Thanks for visiting Blackle Mag. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy creating it!

The Blackle Mag Team