Alarm Clocks For Coffee Addicts

Alarm Clocks For Coffee Addicts

If you can’t start the day without a cup of coffee, the following designs may be of interest. The Barisieur is a dream come true for those who have to have their morning coffee before functioning. This alarm clock can be set to brew a cup of fresh coffee, ready right when you wake up. Developed by by Joshua Renouf for a graduate project, this concept product may just be genius. Stainless steel ball bearings work to boil water with induction heating. Renouf has thought of everything, as the unit is complete with coffee and sugar compartments. There is even… read more

Copious Cups of Coffee Please

While taking care of your family, your pets, your home and your community you should be doing the same for your body. According to this research, drinking coffee might just be a great way to keep your body healthy and ward off certain diseases. Benefits Digestive Health A 10-year study in Japan including 96,000 adults found that drinking three or more cups of coffee per day cut the colon cancer risk in women in half. Decreases Risk of Diabetes Researchers at Harvard followed more than 125,000 men and women for more than 10 years and found that drinking six cups… read more

Awesome Infographic: Your Brain on Beer vs Coffee

Coffee lover Ryoko Iwata created this awesome infographic comparing the effects of beer and coffee on brain function. Discover how you are best to use these two drugs for optimal mental and creative performance.

Whimsical Coffee Swaps


We live in an era of excess, and coffee is no exception. It can be found in coffee houses, hospitals, diners, cafes, and virtually all offices in the developed world. But this was not the case, and during the 18th and 19th centuries the value of coffee was significantly higher. Thus, families often only drank it on Sundays, a day that is unquestionably sacred in many cultures. However, this isn’t to imply they simply went without. Instead, many alternatives were used to capture the fundamental – and often caffeine-free – joys of coffee – some even went so far as… read more

Lesser Known Benefits of Coffee


Many of us consume coffee in one form or another on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Of its multiple virtues, coffee is often desired for its aroma, flavor, and energy-boosting properties. Beyond that, we’ve known that coffee reduces the risks of cancer and type 2 diabetes. It also makes you smarter, temporarily at least, by blocking the neurotransmitters that make you sleepy and thus, functioning at a lower cognitive level. Indeed, some may believe the benefits of coffee to be bottomless. But until we decipher them all, here are a few of coffee’s lesser known affects on the human… read more

Clever Uses for Coffee

Clever Uses for Coffee Grounds

Science and necessity have long looked to available resources for coming up with needed solutions. Stretching out everyday items and repurposing them can be helpful around the house as well as for the planet. Reusing coffee grounds is one interesting notion that has led to developing this ordinary essential for some into a wide range of other uses. From simple around the house chores to the advanced, cups of coffee are capable of doing more than perking people up. Leftover coffee grounds are perfect for hiding scratches and small dents in dark wood furniture. They can also be used outdoors… read more

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

The leftover coffee grounds from a morning jolt are not only good for compost fuel. Some creative designers are actually using them as materials for furniture making. A few years back, a nonprofit design company called Re-worked had a line of furniture that incorporated coffee grounds in the manufacturing process. The company, with the goal of making what they could from recycled waste materials, was able to create a substance which enabled them to form several sturdy furniture pieces called Çurface. Made from 30% coffee grounds and 70% High Impact Polysterene, the company also used recycled plastics. This mixture is made… read more

Coffee Grounds Making Fires Eco Friendly

Friendly Fires

What could be more romantic than a cozy fire? A crackling fireplace has long been embedded in our ideal of a home. The only downside to this woodsy comfort is the numerous pollutants released when the lumber is burned. One of these pollutants is carbon monoxide. Among many things, carbon monoxide can contribute to the development of cancer. It has no odor or color, which makes it hard for people to detect until they have been harmfully affected by it. But for those who still wish to benefit from fire’s warmth and whimsy, there are other ways to go about it…. read more

Coffee And More

Coffee And More

Did you know that when you have finished your morning brew, whether it be a good old cup of joe or the fanciest of espressos, that those coffee grounds could go on to greater things? Yes, that’s right! Coffee grounds can be upcycled and there are several companies already recycling this waste item with great success. Back to the Roots is a company developed by two former college students. The idea behind Back to the Roots is growing gourmet mushrooms out of soil made from coffee grounds. Presently, Back to the Roots manages to collect, divert, and reuse 3.6 billion… read more

BYO Coffee Cup

BYO Coffee Cup

Starbucks has introduced a new plastic reusable cup that they are selling for only one dollar. It seems to be a hit among the Starbucks customers out there. It pays for itself quickly with the 10 cent discount Starbucks offers to people who bring their own cup. Customers also do not have to worry about losing or misplacing the cup since it is only one dollar. Starbucks put its eco-friendly idea to work in 600 Pacific Northwest stores starting in October. In November, Starbucks saw a 26% increase in the usage of reusable cups compared to November of the previous… read more